Vanessa Williams Returns to 2016 Miss America

Vanessa Williams Returns to 2016 Miss America

After over 30 years, Vanessa Williams returns to Miss America 2016 to judge and also receives a formal apology from the CEO of the organization. More details at

I own no right to this footage and it is intended strictly for promotional use.

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20 Responses

  1. edward pelayo says:

    +mike ritchie thanks for taking time to reply Mike!

  2. mike ritchie says:

    +edward pelayo Miss Williams was forced to resign her crown as Miss
    America 1984 after nude pictures of her were published in Penthouse
    Magazine 10 months into her reign. She fought to establish herself as a
    singer, actress, and has become over the last 32 years the most successful
    Miss America ever. He apologized for the way things were handled by the
    organization back in 1984 when they forced her resignation.

  3. Pamela Thompson says:

    Thank you Sam Haskell!

  4. mike ritchie says:

    YES!! Long overdue. Dignity, grace, beauty, integrity. I love her.

  5. Conchanable says:


  6. Mike Ikeda says:

    About time!

  7. preston leighton says:

    The best Miss America ever!!!!

  8. ƘєяαмєƖ Ʋιxxєη says:

    So long overdue, Vanessa is an ICON and deserved that crown was a shame how
    they treated her back then

  9. Teeyah2 says:


  10. Voughry Khatte says:

    and that’s how they “Save the best for last”. I love you Vanessa Williams!

  11. Nick Star says:

    Wow……….anybody who remembers 1984…knows this was frigging AWESOME
    for The Pageant to do that……they did not have to…….Beautiful!

  12. maryann scully says:

    I don’t see how the pageant owes her an “apology”. She should apologize to
    them. She lied to her parents, lied to the LOCAL officials, Lied to the
    STATE officials, and the national officials. She should have told the local
    officials that she posed nude. That would have saved her a lot of grief.She
    never qualified for the pageant: She had an abortion at the age of 16, she
    was shacking up with her boyfriend, and she had those pictures. Those
    disqualify anyone at the local level. Those pictures are really awful and
    shocking. It sends the wrong message to the contestants that is is ok to
    lie to everyone and to pose nude. However, I guess they both wanted to bury
    the hatchet.

    • Jerusalem Cherry says:

      Salt….(thats sarcasm)… Why are you so judgy wudjy? She’s one of the few
      classy celebrities. So get off your high horse maryann…

    • Paul L. Rogers says:

      +maryann scully Wow, I guess you never did anything wrong huh? Never made
      any mistakes? Unless you are perfect, have a seat.

    • Rodney Hughley says:

      +maryann scully Dear Lord, woman. Your self righteousness and seemingly
      bitterness beyond comprehension is worthy of one response:Praying for you
      and lifting you up on this and every day

  13. Jenna Hernandez says:

    Please do not be fooled! This is a public relations move to make amends
    with the blacks due to all the negative publicity that has been said by the
    Chumpsters and his kkk!!! What the “white supremacist” are doing is trying
    to instigate issues between blacks and latinos!!! This is a ploy to get
    blacks on his team. The team that incites hate and xenophobia!!! They are
    liars and are full of hate!!! The blacks and latinos need to unite-because
    we have the same plight!!! Let us work at taking the Chumpster down in pure
    numbers against him and the “white supremacist”…Let us all show up to
    Louis Farrakhan’s Justice or Else on October 10, 2015!!!

  14. David Deante says:

    they should not only appologise but give her a crown that she had to
    surrender then. they should have presented her with one now

  15. My Obsession says:

    give her crown back

  16. The Green says:

    She and her mother was so deserving of this apology. They both have handled
    everything with so much class and grace. God blessed Vanessa to be super
    successful and accomplish more than she probably would have if she did not
    resign. Out of her pain and sadness came many blessings.

  17. 228candy says:

    The MAO shouldn’t have apologized to her!! It wasn’t only nude photos.
    There were sex photos of her with another woman!!