Venezuela vs. Argentina: 0-2 Goals & Highlights | Copa América | Telemundo Deportes

Venezuela vs. Argentina: 0-2 Goals & Highlights | Copa América | Telemundo Deportes

Vídeo oficial de Telemundo Deportes. La albiceleste aún sin convencer derrota 0-2 a la Vinotinto en cuartos de final y se mantiene con vida en la Copa América

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Venezuela vs. Argentina: 0-2 Goals & Highlights | Copa América | Telemundo Deportes

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62 Responses

  1. kyle Bueno says:

    1 like = every time a player fakes being injured

  2. Al-Muntaser Al-Ramadneh says:

    Why didn’t anyone pick up the damn pigeon?! Lol

  3. Alejandro Lopez says:

    Buena suerte contra Brasil 🙂😔

    • __Enzioux says:

      Brasil empató con Venezuela en Fase de Grupos, si Argentina le gano a Venezuela, significa que Argentina está al nivel de Brasil o más, creo que la suerte la va a necesitar Brasil…

    • UnKnownToxic YT says:

      Va ganar argentina brasil no podia con paraguay i tenian suerte los pendejos que ganaron

    • Angel Temich says:

      Ya brazil no es amenaza cualquier le puede ganar so no le pongas muchas salsa a los tacos compa!!

    • El lobo salvaje says:

      Chile va asacar a Argentina otra vez. Chile gano ayer y anda imparable.. Saludos desde la luna 🌕

  4. Somto Huncho says:

    5:30 le celso was wide open before agureo shot he should had passed it to him but he scored at the end after the rebound so i cant complain

  5. Diego Silva says:

    HAHAHA Chaves haciendo de las suyas…
    El que lo entendio lo entendio…

  6. FBI says:

    Aguero would’ve gotten an assist if he didnt shoot.

  7. Jamie spino says:

    El jugador del match “la paloma”….

  8. Lucas Gomez says:

    Inter should play lautaro more, he has upped the pace of this Argentina attack

  9. Son Goku says:

    Player of the game: Pigeon

  10. Indi Bladez says:

    Vamoo 🇦🇷💪💪!!

  11. danny says:

    What a tackle from Pigeon!

  12. Derli D.A. Jr says:

    You guys are making a awesome job – watching every game here in Fort Worth

  13. AdamNetherton says:

    Red Card! On the pigeon! Free kick Argentina! lol!

  14. Andres Prata says:

    Me gusta mi seleccion Argentina jungando mal y todo estamos en semi . Que gracioso jajaja

  15. Scientist Albert Einstein says:

    Argentina vs 12 pichones.

  16. Cesar Espinoza says:

    Felicidades a todos Los hermanos venezolanos. Su futbol a cresido muchisimo y pensamos q merecian mas. Pero esto apenas es el comienso. En el futuro todo se les va a dar mejor mucho animo. Saludos desde Northridge california Usa

  17. C S says:

    Don’t want to sound cocky but after watching Brazil last night I have a very strong feeling that we will eliminate them. In fact am happy that we’re facing them and not Uruguay or Chile (for now)

    • the prodigy says:

      Can’t be too confident. Brazil dominated the game yesterday they just couldn’t convert their chances. While Argentina couldn’t dominate Paraguay and they would’ve lost if Paraguay would’ve converted their penalty.Also, they have different styles. Paraguay defends and Argentina attacks which means more open spaces for Brazil.

    • Nick says:

      cant predict football and can never be confident or underestimate your opponent, brazil and argentina are in semi finals because they won, just have to hope for the best, never get cocky

    • josef roque says:

      I hope so.
      Good vibes from el.salvador
      Ive beem an argentinas fan since i.was a kid !

    • josef roque says:

      @the prodigy no one has really attacked brazil

      And Argentina can hurt them
      But I agree
      Game of titans !

  18. JC4 says:

    La paloma toca mas el balon que DiMaria

  19. josef roque says:

    Paredes y de paul
    Great players
    Argentina got so much talent
    They need a new coach.
    And play as a team!

  20. Tony Carrillo says:

    SE LE ACABO LA SUERTE A ESCALONI cuando juegue contra BRAZIL. ALLI SE VERA QUE ES3 TECNICO NO SIRVE. No juega a nada Argentina.

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