Very Hard to Desclibe

Very Hard to Desclibe

In which there is not really an organizing principle to the video. Probably signed copies of Turtles All the Way Down can be preordered via

Amazing gif of Turtles going all the way down:

The books I recommended are Kwame Alexander’s Solo and Clint Smith’s Counting Descent.

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Preorder John’s new book, Turtles All the Way Down, out October 10th 2017! You can find links to both the signed and unsigned editions here: and information on how to (probably) get a signed copy here:

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20 Responses

  1. Shaiann Wyatt says:

    The cover looks so cool. And good luck with the army of boxes that are invading.

    Also, John, since apparently I’m one of the first ones here and have an opportunity to say something important– please stop worrying that the book won’t be good or any other worry you have attached to it. At some points in your videos after TFIOS but before Turtles, you would talk about needing to top the success of TFIOS or whatever, and it would always annoy me because for me, TFIOS is good, but out of all your books, An Abundance of Katherines has always been my favorite. It’s funny because that’s the one everyone always jokes about, but I love that one so much because I connect with it. The fact that you’re going to have another book out is a success and thank you so much for always saying important things that need to be said. You’re awesome. Thanks for being you.

    And that was long…

  2. Shark Eater says:

    I’m here before dislikes, this is the way vlogbrothers is supposed to be.

  3. Martijn van de Streek says:


  4. Taher Lilywala says:

    Since I’m this early, I’d like to thank Nerdfighteria for making my life awesome!!

  5. Danochy says:

    I’m glad my decision not to comment on the “error” in the title paid off.

  6. Fantastic Cas says:

    Be sure to give the first copy a good whiff for me. I want a three-page essay on exactly how good those words smell on fancy book paper.

  7. Swolo says:


  8. Crash And burn says:

    Come to Salt Lake City

  9. That Guy Over There says:


  10. Maddie.-. Sensor says:

    I watched this video and then said to my mom “mom would you be mad if dropped out of school and followed John and hank around the country while there on tour?” And my mom was like “who the hell are they?”

  11. Caryn and Connie says:

    Cannot wait to read this John!!

  12. andrineslife says:

    I know it isn’t the same but I spent 3 years of my 22 years on earth planning a scout camp for 40.000 people, that was held this summer. It felt insane going into the week knowing that there was nothing more we could do. I hope your anxiety is okay, mine definetly wasn’t.

  13. Amera Abunada says:

    I live in Turkey and it is so hard trying to get English books so I will be def preordering this, I’ll be so happy not having to read off an ereader!! Anyone else here not from America?

  14. MrHairyBrit #NSFW #Funny #News #Vlogs says:

    Anybody else starting to get the feeling that John hates all non US people?

    US only signed copies, US Only Tour and US Only BOXES!!! #Conspiracy!

  15. Cassy und so. says:

    That moment when you regret not living in the USA but then you think about Trump and free healthcare and you are still not fine :D… please come to Germany ♥

  16. Elino Villegas says:

    Poetry recommendations?? Looks like I’m going to the bookstore today!

  17. bebravekatniss says:

    why is everything always “USA ONLY” this triggers me by now xD

  18. Trident says:

    John’s written a new book I wonder who has a horrible disease now

  19. Aendru Kleg says:

    Bousta go read them fucken POOOOOEEEEEMS!

  20. TheLetterFifteen says:

    Looking forward to the tour! And the book! And my probably signed copy of it! 😀

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