Very romantic – the old man waiting for his wife at the airport very emotional

Very romantic – the old man waiting for his wife at the airport very emotional

Very romantic – the old man waiting for his wife at the airport very emotional

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20 Responses

  1. Sandman says:

    dont fucking film this you creepy fuck

  2. MCIzawa says:

    don’t infantilize old people

  3. will trow says:

    that man is getting some serious ass tonight

  4. pentatopComment says:

    why u record it tho ? what is ur purpose

  5. MrBepruitt says:

    This was hard to fap to….
    but I managed it.

  6. ayy lmao says:

    wow a fucking video of a man holding some flowers for his wife is going
    viral.. what a terrible world we live in

  7. SicTransitArdua says:

    It’s a video of two old people. You guys act like they filmed these two
    boning in a snuff film with kids. There’s nothing morally wrong with
    filming people in a public place and sharing it. If it bothers you that
    much, lock your miserable ass in your house and STFU

  8. 1zombie4v says:

    Granp’s is getting layed tonight

  9. Sharon Mills says:

    Well folks, what you see is what you get. This very romantic loving man is
    my father greeting his wife (my stepmom) after being apart for nine days.
    My father is without a doubt a very kind, considerate, loving, caring man
    and loves his wife dearly. They have been married 5 years now. Both had
    lost their life long spouses a few years prior to meeting one another on E
    harmony. They are very affectionate with one another, always laughing,
    playing games together on their iPad, very active in church/choir and take
    several vacations a year. Yes they are very much in love and enjoying their
    golden years together.

  10. Ildefonso Arzate says:

    plot twist it was his mistress

  11. wilhard45 says:

    Um, get your kicks spying on people and recording their actions? This are
    private individuals. Did you get their permission to post this video?

  12. Pinhead says:

    Why did you have to film them. Let them have their moment. Not like this is
    a rare occurrence. Pretty sure a husband and wife have kissed before.

  13. Organic Blob says:

    then i was like: wait…
    and now I’m like: your recording peoples private moments and making noises?

  14. Ernext Tacuri says:

    the goal

  15. Miningforadiamond says:

    k den

  16. susanap92 says:

    The only goal I want in marriage how sweet <3

  17. Apple Chai says:

    he’s not even that old and neither is she #cheaters

  18. Leanne Holmes says:

    Creeps filming

  19. John Purcell says:

    Right in the feels.

  20. Pixels27 says:

    Twist – That’s her milkman