Victoria Beckham Says Yes to a Spice Girls Carpool Karaoke

Victoria Beckham Says Yes to a Spice Girls Carpool Karaoke

James asks Victoria Beckham about a recent photo of the Spice Girls together and pushes Victoria to get the group together for a very spicy Carpool Karaoke.

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48 Responses

  1. Jordan says:

    James looking like ron burgandy in that weird ass suit he’s wearing

  2. thegossipswan009 says:

    Spice Girls power!

  3. Jack 33 says:

    Yes please!!!!
    We need their Girl Power again!!! ❤️

  4. G mac says:

    Theyre doing the royal wedding

  5. Mich W says:

    That would be brilliant….. sort it James 😋

    • Harlie Quinn says:

      Mich W make it happen

    • Mamie Baker says:

      💘💙💘 *Hеi* , *оlėn 18-vuȯtiȧs jа hаluаn lуt kavėri* ,
      💘💙💘 *jokа оn аina hаuskaа* ! *Мinun selfiė vеrkossȧ*
      💘💙💘 *kirjoitа minullе* !

      💘💙💘 *Hеi* , *ȯlеn 18-vuоtiаs jа hȧluаn lyt kаvеri* ,
      💘💙💘 *jоkа ȯn аinа hаuskаȧ* ! *Мinun sеlfiе vеrkоssa*
      💘💙💘 *kirjȯitа minullė* !

  6. Geremy Roxas says:


  7. Elina H says:

    Yaas!! Spice up my life 😂

  8. MissRuthless says:

    It’ll be way better if James is also there for the carpool reunion! It’s so boring now without him!

  9. Hassan Fallous says:

    Let Emma Stone join!

  10. Earth Angel says:

    Who gets the front seat??? They’ll all be arguing over that. LOL

  11. mrece2002 says:

    Say you’ll be there!

  12. neiv10 says:

    I wonder if there’s an “official” Spice Girls WhatsApp group on her phone!

  13. Rafael Miranda says:

    Emma Stone should drive

    • Jazmín Hernández says:

      Rafael Miranda They can die

    • AP12 says:

      She would pass out and die, in turn causing the vehicle to crash and the Spice Girls would also die. So naaaah!

    • Pyr Leo says:

      Emma Stone shouldn’t drive for one reason… she’s not a Spice Girl hahaha. I think you meant Emma Bunton. People replying to you as if you mentioned the right person. You guys are not even Spice Girls fans. Kids these days LOL.

    • tvloover80 says:

      Pyr Leo – they said Emma Stone because she is a Huge Fan and she wants to meet all of them together.

    • Febreze Smells-Good says:

      Pyr Leo Bruh. Emma Stone is a gigantic Spice Girls fan, which is why people suggested her. There are Youtube interviews of her freaking out. Nobody thinks she’s part of the group.

  14. Tiffany M says:

    Yessssss! I’m ready for this Spice Girls karaoke and I hope it happens very soon!!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  15. sam neale says:

    It’s weird to see victoria looking normal and smiling

    • Steeven Hyde says:

      sam neale She is always so compused. She seemed very happy here.

    • XKeyscore KLP says:

      as mel c explained in an interview before, its because vic walks around wearing this sort of ”’armor”. alot of people do. to protect themselves either emotionally or physically, they might put on a persona that is opposite to who they really are. i mean espeially if youre being photographed by dont want to give them a good photo of you smiling, so she always looks like she has a resting bitch face, but its just this fierce confident kind of armor.

    • Krista Hampton says:

      💖💖💖 *Тervеhdуs* ! *Мinullа оn suuret siniset silmt jȧ p̣itk*
      💖💖💖 *mustа tukka* . *Наluan hуvill ja lmр* .
      💖💖💖 *Miss ȯlėt* , *minun vȧin* ? *Kirjоitа minullе*

      💖💖💖 *Тėrvėhdуs* ! *Мinullȧ оn suurеt siniset silmt jа pitk*
      💖💖💖 *mustа tukka* . *Hаluan hуvill jȧ lmр* .
      💖💖💖 *Miss ȯlet* , *minun vаin* ? *Кirjȯitа minullе*

    • Thelma Rose says:

      I don’t think she looks like she normally does……she’s talking as if she has a bit of a pediment, yet another using botox on her lips perhaps.

    • 30secondstomarsMBH says:

      Not really, if you know who she is, and know about her, you know this is her all day. She just doesn’t often show the real her in public.

  16. Ania Alexis says:


  17. Paul says:

    MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Komang Putra says:

    I want carpool karaoke with lana del rey 😭😭

  19. treebles says:

    Y E S !!!
    please do spice girls carpool karaoke, but *with james driving please!*

  20. TheCujo71 says:

    I always thought she was super stuffy, but after watching some interviews…..she is kinda funny. Guess that was her Spice Girls “character”. Sort of like Kate Beckinsale seems so prim and proper until you hear her talk about her practical jokes. She seems very cool.

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