Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync “Hands to Myself”

Victoria’s Secret Angels Lip Sync “Hands to Myself”

The Victoria’s Secret Angels get a little help from Selena Gomez as they lip sync “Hands to Myself” from her new album. Watch Selena perform it on the runway of the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday, December 8, 10/9C on CBS. The show also features Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd and an all-star lineup of Angels.

Get Selena Gomez’s new album REVIVAL, out now:

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20 Responses

  1. aoi nichi says:

    No Adriana.. But so much of Taylor Hill. <3 WAAAAAH!

  2. Joi litt says:

    Her laugh ???

  3. Gokun PThinh says:

    Woow, Candice and Romee were too cute <3
    but where was my Jac ? (T.T)

  4. Spencer Read says:

    Candice is such a bitch. Why is she always looking hot for no reason. Give
    it a rest ???

  5. Tia Silva says:

    Less Taylor more Martha and Stella thanks

  6. Aimee Johnson says:

    No offence, I’m not hating but I feel like this was the worst lip sync mv
    because nearly everyone is trying to be sexy and not having as much fun as
    the older videos. I like these new models, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE
    the older models ?

  7. Kay Live says:

    Now I just hate me. The tiny slither of self esteem is gone. Feels great
    thanks ??? (Sarcasm)

  8. Michael Roberts says:

    They should have shot some angels with Selena. Selena was most definitely
    the sexiest one in the video by far. Those other girls don’t even compare.

  9. xGood Onex says:

    wow I’m straight & this video is making me blush!

  10. gracenemi says:

    its so annoying to see comments like ”i have no self esteem now’ or ‘i’m
    depressed after this”
    just appreciate their beauty and don’t compare yourselves to them. these
    models are the tier of women that are naturally thin and have appealing
    faces. just think of it, they only pick 1 in like 10,000 women (just an
    approximation lol). it’s not gonna make you feel any better if you make a
    lighthearted video into a goal to achieve.

  11. julixoxofashion says:

    Where is Elsa ?

  12. Jade Souza says:

    Selena’s so gorgeous

  13. RhMoSh Al says:

    wow didn’t knew my self esteem can drop even lower than it already is


    they all look gorgeous AF ???????????

  14. NapoleonCaesar05 says:

    Can somebody please list the names of the models in this video?

  15. Bárbara Barría Soto says:

    Selena my QUEEN!!!

  16. Victor Macias says:

    how did i end up here?

  17. Lovely Maycon says:

    nxt sel make a video with ur song camouflage and me and the rythm.

  18. rifky fernand says:

    damn taylor,i love you

  19. Taufik Sulaiman says:


  20. preston parker says:

    i’m surprised it wasn’t “me and my girls” from the album Revival