Video shows Southern California earthquake impact in restaurant

Video shows Southern California earthquake impact in restaurant

Restaurant owner Jason Corona shared this video of a 6.4-magnitude earthquake toppling plates and breaking bar glasses at the Casa Corona restaurant in Ridgecrest, California. The quake is the biggest to strike the region since 1999.

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84 Responses

  1. Johnny Clint says:

    Bottles can be replaced. Happy 4th! ?? Stay safe.

  2. markanders250 says:

    All the poo from the homeless were bouncing on the streets.

  3. LuckyLeo94 says:

    He seemed more sad about the tequila than anything ?

  4. Londzale says:

    *Japan: 6.4-Magnitude. Awe that so cute*

  5. Ladderthief1 says:

    Oh God not the tequilla! Oh the humanity!

  6. Adam says:

    I felt this earthquake in south Santa Ana (2.5 miles outside of Irvine)

  7. 600jccbrrr says:

    I wonder if the quake flipped to phone vertically

  8. American Paisa says:

    It looks like that place was a hazard before the earthquake.

  9. prazertv says:

    Cali hasn’t seen any major earthquakes in a while. One has to wonder if a real big one is coming soon.

  10. Don Pedro Hernadez says:

    All that wasted tequila is a nightmare. Imagine all the birthday parties full of drunks doing hilarious stuff. RIP tequila you will be missed.

  11. J Clm says:

    6.5????wtf, that aint sheeeet, im prepping for 8+ , thats when L.A. turns into zommbie town???

  12. Andre briscoe says:

    hope everyone is safe but this isnt nearly as bad as a million people being told they have to leave their homes because of a months rain in a day

  13. alynar03 says:

    6.4 Earthquake and everyone here in SOCAL still getting ready to party for the 4th of July ? Earthquakes don’t stop us here we just keep doing what were doing. Be Safe Happy 4th everyone. ??

  14. karinna1813 says:

    Nooo Not the Tequila ? ? hope yall learned a lesson and make a tequila earthquake proof shelf lol ?

  15. Miranda Powell says:

    “Yeah.. there’s a lot of wasted tequila down here and it’s a sad story..” ?

  16. C. Dynamo says:

    All the dislikes are from VERTICAL VIDEO… really… this is just Blasphemy to the eyes #ThankYouNext

  17. Kevin Gamble says:

    Seems all calm now, but a huge one is coming. It is long overdue according to scientists.

    • Jamie Silver says:

      The entire ring of fire has been super quakey the last year, Alaska had a 7.2 in anchorage (took a week to clean up our house after that one) and a 7.? In the alution islands, the Philippines had a 6 (maybe two of them), japan had two or three 6’s, now Cali with a 6. So if somewhere along the ring of fire had an 8 or 9 in the next year or two i wouldn’t be that surprised.

    • Alan Hernandez says:

      That’s what everybody says every time a earthquake happens in California .. no one knows when just be prepared ?‍♂️

  18. IDK_ Isela says:

    What a day to start 4th of July here in Victorville California. We felt the earthquake. It was long lasting. Bigger than the one in Northridge

  19. Greg says:

    That 7.3 on Easter a few years ago was worthy, this is nothing. Not even as bad as the traffic on the 405 dude.

  20. Mr. Genius says:

    4th of July: *exists*

    Earthquake: i’m about to end this man’s whole career

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