Video Walk Through

Video Walk Through

When Mark and Star King placed their home on AirBnB looking for short-term renters, never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what transpired this past weekend. “We’ve rented our home in the past with great success”, says King noting that this time she and her husband felt no different.

After phone calls and texts from neighbours, the King’s returned home with the police, and this is only scratching the surface of what they found.

Mark and Star are grateful that airbnb has a host guarantee to recover costs from damages. They are hopeful for full compensation.

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20 Responses

  1. Stony Tark says:

    I could see this happening in America, but not cananida!(Canada) No matter
    im still moving there when the U.S goes down the drain. =] trust me, it is.

  2. Art Zavala says:


  3. Raja the mother of the sheeps says:

    Was the person that did this drunk and high? What the hell

  4. Corley says:

    never go full retard

  5. Chris Greenlee says:

    This is the kind of disgusting mess only a human being could make. Even a
    pack of hyenas would have left the place in better condition.

  6. TightManlyPants says:

    Well that settles it. I will never put my house up on AirBnB.

  7. BobbbyJoeKlop says:

    Not to say there aren’t jerks in the world that do this kind of thing. But,
    this video going viral sure works out nice for the hotel/motel industry. If
    I owned a T.V. station that relied on ad revenue from major hotel chains, I
    imagine they would be pretty happy if this ran on the evening news.

  8. Sam Martin says:

    Well it’s there fault for letting their house get rented to complete
    strangers for the weekend

  9. The Haunter Show says:

    I’m a little confused. Isn’t a BnB = Bed and Breakfast, as in a short-term
    hotel? Why would someone rent out a BnB to stay in for more than a weekend?

  10. philthestampede says:

    Was their house in Baltimore?

  11. sandy lee says:

    Why do people shoot vertical?

  12. whatupguys1 says:

    I have seen parties that end up like this, but usually, the host of the
    party is also the owner of the house, and from what i remember, it was only
    the living room and the kitchen that ended up THIS bad. What I dont
    understand is that, knowing that its NOT your home, and whats more, that
    its rented. Why would you do this anyway?

  13. Alex Castillo says:

    yo but that party was craaazy, there was hoes everywhere!!!!

  14. mkingston79 says:

    They send that many cops for that…white privilege.

  15. Sturmbannführer Toht says:

    Reminds me of the movie Sixteen Candles.

  16. Rasmus Madsen says:

    i was at that party shit was cash thx for the nikon bro

  17. Jordy S says:

    How horrific. I would feel the need to throw literally everything out and
    start new. All the towels and blankets and mattresses. Rip my carpets up
    and everything. I feel terrible that this couple had to go through this.
    I’d really like to see the faces and names of the fools who did this. How
    can you have no respect for someones home, and someone with children.

  18. Aaron Taylor says:

    Ahahahaha, serves them right for opening their house to complete strangers.
    Straight up looks like someone wiped their ass on the arm rest of the couch
    when the video first starts.

  19. Holli Wood says:

    Where is the other 2/3rds of the video??????????????????? Idiots. No wonder
    they tore up your house.

  20. Nonya Busnezz says:

    I’m just glad this made the net so we folks down here in the US can stop
    feeling like we have cornered the market on retarded, animal-like behavior
    from people.