Videos capture Hurricane Dorian’s path of destruction in Bahamas

Videos capture Hurricane Dorian’s path of destruction in Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has left a path of destruction throughout the Bahamas.

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60 Responses

  1. Wholesaler Gal says:

    No music till 3pm moment of silence for the ?? Bahamas Psalms 91 and 51

  2. T Love says:

    You must remember Bahamas are just the earth’s crust slightly above the water it’s gonna flood and be almost under water unless you homes HOTEL built VERY VERY HIGH..UP GOD BLESS YOU ALL ?????????sharks would become a problem

  3. Large Southern Load says:

    Cat5 winds/20ft surge + island = No island
    The real sad TRUTH!

    • Chris G says:

      There’s a phrase here on the Outer Banks that waterfront homeowners often say: “It’s the price we pay to live in paradise”. Unfortunate for the regular folks that live in the Bahamas, they don’t choose that life, but are born into it. Incredibly sad.

    • Nucky Mancini says:

      The outer banks ain’t paradise tho?!?

  4. Doris White says:

    Heartbreaking. I hope all of the missing are found safe.

  5. thongbai augerot says:

    God bless you all

  6. Wilder Sheils says:

    I hate how they say Just A Child

  7. S Devarn says:

    My god! The ocean inside the house

  8. Hugh Jazz says:

    That is horrific. Thinking of you from Australia

  9. James Bond says:

    They always said in tourist commercials…..IT’S BETTER IN THE BAHAMAS

  10. Jolnichek says:

    Just a child?!?!?

    • bigfish langille says:

      Listen again hon the man said it with SADNESS, meaning oh no it’s just a child who had a whole life to go ? not with malice

    • Rosemarie Plant says:

      “He was only a child” is what he was trying to say. Meaning it with sadness that a person so young died.

  11. Gaza melicea Blessings says:

    wow this is sad watching from the British Virgin Islands we ❤??

  12. Dovile D says:

    He said ‘just a child’ wtf

  13. K2 World says:

    Just a Child? Wow

    Kinda messed up how he said that.

    • Gas & Diesel says:

      @Laurie Y I didn’t even hear her until she said “You two must do that a lot” and then she stormed off. We’re still pretty drunk, but atleast we’re all safe.

    • Simba says:

      I had to do a replay on that just to be sure that I heard what I thought that I had heard. Yup, he said it. “Just a child.” Sick. Sick. Sick.

    • Casey Lewis says:

      Yeah i know. I had to rewind it to make sure i heard him right..

    • blacklivity says:

      He really meant only one person is reported to have died in the sense that because of the catastrophic nature of Hurricane Dorian it is a wonder that the death toll is thankfully only 1, but yet 1 too many. It struck me at first…but you guys know how the English language is…he was really expressing that the death toll was not as high despite the catastrophe.

    • Oscar Gold says:

      U dummy

  14. OneTruNuwind says:

    What’s up with “just a child”?

  15. Gold Clap says:

    Our father whom art in heaven……… stay strong people. Just hold on!!

  16. Tara Dactule says:

    He meant just a child with sadness I hate they are going through that they are just a child…I believe

  17. Shona Eldering says:

    Dear God these poor people and their animals. Absolutely heartbreaking. God please be with all of them. ????

  18. Amelia Cakes PR says:

    Heartbreaking ??? I know how people of Bahamas are feeling. We suffered Hurricane María and still is a shocking experience. Our support to ?? Bahamas❤️?????

    • C&C Vee says:

      Thank God for President Trump sending over a hundred million to help rebuild PR! I hope Bahamas gets same

    • Amelia Cakes PR says:

      After humilliation and throwing towel papers in front of cameras from all over the world. We rebuilt ourselves. He didn’t recognized all the damages. Also he said that it was “less damage” and it wasn’t what everybody told him. 2,975 dead people and he said it wasnt that terrible. You know, we are US citizens and PR gives more money to US vs money that receive from them. It is not what US people think. You can check this information in google or Wikipedia . For example 2016: $3.5B …. red cross helped and fema did something but we rised helping each other. There’s still blue fema tents in PR. Not everything that shines is gold. Help? After 30 years paying taxes, I’m disabled and my money comes from those taxes that I paid. We are the unique american citizens that pay the highest 16% tax in every item. Cars that cost 16,000 in US, here you pay 26,000. We have the highest electricity bills above every other state in US… believe it ? Check this info online.

  19. Candy two says:

    The commentator meant Just a child in a heartbreaking way, for the loss of one so young.

  20. latino heat says:

    No mountains in bahamas like puerto rico low area. Knowing a monster storm like dorian would hit . was a risk too stay there. There will be many lives lost after storm leave . ?

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