Vilma tutar

Vilma tutar

Flicka blir rädd för båt.

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20 Responses

  1. Vnix says:


  2. thejobloshow says:

    i don’t know what she was expecting…

  3. spartyon89 says:


  4. Nova Day says:

    Hi were from Reddit 🙂

    Would you care for some Likes?

  5. iPlayMobileGames says:


  6. Love Patrol Alpha says:

    Ayyy. love dem swedes.

  7. TacTundra says:

    Just saying ‘toot’ she sounds extremely Swedish

  8. lebac says:


  9. Lucky 7th says:

    Well, that’s taking it to the next level!

  10. dory jr says:

    The video has 6.666 likes an i dont want to ruin it

  11. JCTiggs says:

    Make sure you turn up the volume, otherwise you won’t hear this girls cries
    of disappointment.

  12. Squid Bloop :3 says:

    Zootopia ayyyy toot toot where my furrie at?!??!!

  13. mikew300 says:

    This is only at the top of trending because the Hilary Clinton exposed
    video got moved down. So they choose a video with a million views as a
    cover up.

  14. Harambe says:

    I really thought something really bad was gonna happen. I waited for
    someone to push her in or the water to get too high and sweep her in. Damn.

  15. hitlar rajbhandari says:

    4 years old video #1 on Trending.

  16. Dufftata says:

    Randomly put on Trending by YouTube?

  17. Karandeep Singh says:

    Now that’s what I need to wake up in the morning

  18. Mallory SF says:

    Hehe, scared little bunny XD Well, you asked for it, pumpkin

  19. Clay Mann says:

    This is like the end scene from Close encounters of the third kind

  20. Beau Man says:

    Toot toot lol