Virtual Reality Battle | Dude Perfect

Virtual Reality Battle | Dude Perfect

It’s time for a REAL battle in FAKE world!

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20 Responses

  1. Jttv Tuber says:

    At the beginning let’s go coby!! When he won against Garret… I was screaming for joy. Towards the end Tyler won, ?. But still Tyler great job!! Also the video was the best from 0:00-6:38. Favorite part was 3:34

  2. Kris Madas says:

    Its 2017 and I’ve never experienced VR

    I cri

  3. Vansh Patel says:

    at 20mill subs do a panda reveal and say who the person in the panda suit is

  4. Nathan Evans says:

    Dude Perfect the only to make VR look amazing by Green screen themselves in the game

  5. David - CIick on my profile pic and enjoy! says:

    <- cIick here and thank me later!

  6. Rahilsahil7 says:

    Like – Be A Millionaire
    Sub – Get Kissed Or Get Liked By Your Crush !!!!!!
    100% WORKS!!!!

  7. Elvenado says:

    I already knew Tyler was going to win in the beginning lol

  8. h0kkaidogames says:

    *Damn that was hard to edit, respect*

  9. Mr Tutorial Guy says:

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the editing went into this?

  10. James At says:

    And the winner of that battle is…

    No! You’ve made a mistake!
    It’s Moonlight!

  11. Blazing Phoenix says:

    Ummm did dude perfect just copy Google eyes channel?? Aka Matthias

  12. ZoraX says:

    Before watching the video: Virtual Reality? That sounds kinda cool
    After: *MOOOOOM I WANT ONE!!!!!*

  13. Let's Dance says:


  14. KarimDaddySlim says:

    Fingers crossed everybody has a wonderful day today!
    You are all amazing and unique people !
    Much love from a small & random aussie youtuber with a dream of hitting 7k subs :))

  15. Oscar Plays says:

    I love the dude perfect videos, make a paintball trickshot video 😀

  16. Manos manjoy says:

    This editing …. respect

  17. ILLSIGHT says:

    Sub = I hang off skyscraper with one arm
    like = I hang off skyscraper with both arms
    scroll = You’re forced to have sex with Donald Trump
    Comment = Donald trump dies in a house fire

  18. Dylan Hahn says:

    I’m supposed to be playing Farmville but this one farmer keeps cutting my grass

  19. stupid stickman says:

    guys you copied googly eyes with their games

  20. Shawn GTR says:

    My mom sad if i get 100 likes i can get a VR headset

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