Visiting The Kombucha Lair

Visiting The Kombucha Lair

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Visiting The Kombucha Lair

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Cody Ko

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40 Responses

  1. yung m.r.e. says:

    He’s seems like a really nice guy. I thought he was a lizard before, but I guess I was wrong.

    Edit: why did 741+ people like this

  2. akes nov says:

    First elon’s house now GT DAVE. . it’s getting unreal

  3. Nos Hyena says:

    Noel making Fortnite jokes at a billionaire’s house ??

  4. tombikhipster says:

    GT Dave is my favorite new character in the Cody Ko Extended Cinematic Universe now

  5. Loryn Blanton says:

    “before it kills you alive”

    – noel, 2019

  6. TCG_AssassinoBro says:

    This guy is great! He has such a great personality, and I love that he can take jokes!

  7. Challenger Girl says:

    Such a cool guy! Love when people are surprisingly down to earth and nice.

  8. Pamela Halpin says:

    This is cute. The last Forbes video or whatever made me want to stop drinking GT kombucha (which sucks because my work has it on tap) just because he seemed like a cold billionaire psychopath, but after seeing this one, I’m hyped to call myself a fan of the brand because GT is so chill and nice. Also, I noticed when you were all standing together, he’s like the same height. GT is a short king???

    • Kazza Jaxon says:

      Yo, does your work literally have kombucha on tap? Where do you work…?

    • SAND says:

      Yeah that caught my attention too, kombucha on tap! where do you work fool?

    • Pamela Halpin says:

      I work at a restaurant called Flowerchild in Scottsdale AZ. Obviously a hippie restaurant lmao, but yeah, total perk of working there. Free kombucha everyday ??

  9. Piers Forder says:

    “Avengers Infinity War was the most ambitious cinematic cross-over of all time” yEaH Ok

  10. x a n s says:

    Imagine walking up to your living room and just see two short men jumping in front of your door

  11. Tennika Quick says:

    “I told you he has an owl” ??

  12. BlueDust says:

    He looked way more human than in the Forbes video. I loved you 3 togheter ???

  13. Nyappy Nippon says:

    Ok but I actually loved this and it was really cute seeing you all goof off and get along so well.

  14. Mathias Kanuck says:

    Dude Noel is the definition of funny

    And I care much for dumb pointless art….that bullet mouth is dope though

  15. Ryan Kharbanda says:

    We finally found the answer.
    How to buy a Lambo cash…. Sell kombucha

  16. XxMANISxX 723 says:

    The original video is such a misrep of gt dave he’s cool AF

    • Someone With Time says:

      For real, i thought he was this robotic person who lacks humor.
      Turns out he’s hilarious and soo chill!!

  17. Matan Bibla Eben-Ezra says:

    When you expected for his SECOND house’s fridge to have normal ass food but it was still just full of Kombucha and celery

  18. HansenGirlsTV says:

    Low-key anxiety spiked when they entered the house without being let in.

  19. Finn Cunniffe says:

    it’s incredible how many rich people don’t care about Cody and Noel being inside their mansions lmao

  20. ClarissaSpiralled says:

    The most wholesome thing. Overlord GT showing them his collection of expensive cars and noel is mind blown by the bunny in the corner

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