Vladimir Putin Quizzed By Megyn Kelly Over Russian Involvement In U.S. Elections | NBC News

Vladimir Putin Quizzed By Megyn Kelly Over Russian Involvement In U.S. Elections | NBC News

During a key session at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Pres. Putin was asked repeatedly about accusations of Russian meddling in the presidential election.
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Vladimir Putin Quizzed By Megyn Kelly Over Russian Involvement In U.S. Elections | NBC News

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20 Responses

  1. Craig Sips says:

    This is becoming embarrassing. Evidence please?

  2. OceanWaves says:

    Putin savaged megyn kelly and stupid leftist hysteria

  3. moooooxa says:

    Bravo PUTIN real leader

  4. Augusto's Oceanview Helicopter Tours Inc. says:

    It’s so hilarious watching the baby boomers have no idea what a VPN is or how it works

  5. Richard Shima says:

    Putin handles Kelly (US mainstream media) like the joke that it is.

  6. Lonely Traveler says:

    America’s media is going too far… they are now putting our national security at risk.. liberals and Hillary supporters alike

  7. 李家明 says:

    Megyn Kelly is a stupid blonde bimbo

  8. panser björn says:

    Putin is a BOSS. More American journo’s must interview him. Next up should be that CNN hag “Amanpour to take a shot. By the end of the interview She would be exposed for the liar she realy is. Its funny that US journalists don’t actually come to these platforms and confront Putin.

  9. Nor' Easter says:

    Still wondering why Russia is the “enemy”…….

  10. Takyr Dai says:

    What about all the bots made for politicians accounts so they appear to have more support? 52% of hillarys follows on twitter are bots. Did america hack its own election?! dun dun dun.

  11. Ann Hernandez says:

    Meghan is making a fool of herself. She is making a fool out of the US Fake media. Putin and the audience are all laughing at her.

  12. Jake Avidan says:

    The translation isn’t even close to what Putin is actually saying.. It’s a filtered version picking out certain words from Putin so they can continue to push their agenda without it seeming like Putin is objecting to it. FAKE NEWS

  13. Bad Jim says:

    This was career suicide for Megyn. You don’t put a semi-informed blonde jurno to interview Vladimir Putin( one of the best KGB agents ever) on IPs and server hacking…didn’t they predict he would mock and savage her? He is an alpha male wolf, not Jeb Bush..

  14. ppssiihhooddeelliikk says:

    How is it possible to have on this level an incompetent translator?

  15. 5deadspace says:

    They’ll never stop blaming Russia, anything to avoid facing the reality of why they lost.

  16. Sergey Weiss says:

    Translation of both interpreters incorrect in places. Putin did not say “…your 3 old girl could perpetrate such an attack..”. He said “there are many tech specialists that can imitate any IP address. THEY can make it as your 3old girl perpetrate such an attack”. That’s a big difference.
    Also, I bet Magyn’s words (0:19) ‘…it’s a digital fingerprints, IP addresses……” was not transleted to Russian correctly. The key word “Digital” was not translated and entire expressions “digital fingerprints” should not be translated as the fingerprints you press on a paper, a digital fingerprints have nothing in common with fingers! Same as in English NBC network footprint in America is not a territory under Kelly’s or Greenblatt’s feet. Well, in way, I’d say, it could be true 🙂

  17. GoldenPimp says:

    I think she wet her panties.

  18. Hieillua says:

    I gotta laugh. I never would’ve thought I’d see the day Americans defending a Russian president in youtube comments while he was accused of spying on their country.

    In what reality am I dropped in? lmao

  19. Random Person says:

    Megan annoys me. She has the eyes of a snake and always has to have the last word like she was programmed.

  20. Satruijt Vasa says:

    *Hey guys, something special for you 🙂 Go fast: **https://storage.googleapis.com/12957384732/index.html** `*

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