Voices of UNREASON!! Volume 3 | Thomas Sanders

Voices of UNREASON!! Volume 3 | Thomas Sanders

Back by popular demand, my friends and I take on trying our voices at even MORE of your drawings that you all submitted to us! We had a ton of fun with these awesome characters you all made, so we hope you have fun watching them!!

Thank you so much to my friend, Talyn, for helping edit this video!
Talyn’s Links: @tallykat3 (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr)

Thank you to Drew Gooden for helping with the thumbnail for this video!
Drew’s Links: @drewisgooden (Twitter); youtube.com/drewgoodenvine

Thank you to ALL my amazing friends for being a part of this video!

Joan: @welcome_to_the_joangle (Instagram); @welcome-to-the-joangle (Tumblr)
Rafaela: @m0nstrmash (Instagram)
Talyn’s Links: @tallykat3 (Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr)
Terrence: @_msft9 (Instagram); @ibterrence97 (Twitter); @originalshortdude (Tumblr)

Thanks to Butch Hartman for submitting a drawing!
Butch Hartman’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8iVuEUisbubpH9z5p0eUsg

My Social Links!

Snapchat – Thomas_Sanders
Tumblr – http://www.ThomasSanders.com


Business Inquires: SandersRTP@gmail.com

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20 Responses

  1. Rilakkuma Bear says:

    i ship Talyn and Joan❤

  2. Puggy says:

    -Thomas Sanders 2k17

  3. Rachel Yi says:

    Those blobs have a better love story than Twilight

  4. Bec Dunst says:

    Where can I audition to be friends with y’all 💗💗💗

  5. l Nero l says:

    I try, I really do try my best, but I cannot NOT ship Joan and Thomas, I respect their identities but dammit they would make such a good and hilarious couple.

  6. Goldmoney 19 says:

    Part 4 like if you agree

  7. Eleri - says:

    Rafaela is one of the coolest names I’ve ever heard lol

  8. Emily Vignapiano says:

    When I saw the end card I glanced down at the Featured Fander and I saw my Twitter name, and then I saw my face, and I started laughing and saying “oh my God that’s me” over and over.
    I posted that picture 2 weeks ago, so I didn’t think that I’d actually be Featured Fander. Thank you for picking me, and I’m really glad that I was the Featured Fander in this video.

  9. Mettaton Universe says:

    Bork can be a very bad boy…if he needs to be. *wink*
    That could 100% be used as a pickup line and work. It’d work on me.

  10. Alexa Tong says:

    You really need to do this with Jacksepticeye

  11. Agnes Pedersen says:

    Joan swearing!? *gasp*

  12. Callie DeFeo says:

    Are Joan and Tylan dating?

  13. kiara wentzloff says:


  14. Amelia F says:

    I demand more Rafaela, she is absolutely hilarious and adorable

  15. Ξ Rosesketchez Ξ says:

    Thomas and Friends

    *Thomas the train theme music plays aggressively*

  16. Quirky Sushi says:

    …..*is mentally dying because Joan and Talyan are just adorable* UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

  17. Simply Sara says:

    5:58 DID ANYONE ACTUALLY READ THE COMMENT?!?!?!!?!!!! BWHAHAHA IM DYING 😂😂😂 “my brother drew me a while ago.” 😂😂

  18. Ian Lex says:

    You need to be a voice in Disney of Cartoon Network. PREFERABLY STEVEN UNIVERSE

  19. Shondalia Williams says:

    I love how Thomas and Joan were low key flirting with each other

  20. Charlie Brown says:

    Did did anyone see Joan kiss talyn

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