VOTE TOMORROW – Starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key & Many More

VOTE TOMORROW – Starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key & Many More

You got a ride? You got a plan? Everything changes tomorrow – don’t miss out on history.

For more information about what’s on your ballot and where your polling station is, go to

Starring Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johannson, James Franco Neil Patrick Harris Keegan-Michael Key Julianne Moore, and Martin Sheen.

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20 Responses

  1. Kaitlin73_Drawings says:

    Honestly, I’m stuck between Trump or just throwing my vote to third party.
    I have a theory that if Trump becomes president he’s going to be like o
    shit hmm..hey Pence…take over and tell me what to say and do! And I like
    Pence. Or eho knows maybe Trump will be assassinated, idk honestly but f
    Hilary I’m done with her crooked bs. Yea, Trump is insane but the media
    puts ALL their attention on him. If they were to put ALL their attention on
    Hilary I guarantee you she’d be lookin worse than Trump.

  2. Joe Smith says:

    I texted my vote for Hillary already!

  3. Justin Waters says:

    We meet again, Illusive Man…

  4. Chris Applegate says:

    Donald trump is like neo from the matrix. he’s our savior and yet , spreads
    the truth and as for hillary , she is like agent smith. a virus that wants
    to corrupt us human beings. sorry hillary , but i’d rather take the red
    pill to know the truth instead of taking the blue pill and be in denial .

  5. super vator says:

    ALL fucken liberals in this pathetic infomercial.

  6. gregory t. ferguson says:

    If scarlet drives me! I’m in, I hope

  7. Yoel Thomas says:

    Vote For Robert Downey Jr, As President

  8. Elliot Fedorka says:

    Voting Trump tomorrow!!

  9. Andrew Arnett says:

    Thanks but I already voted, for DONALD TRUMP!!! Hey idiot Hollywood actors
    like Robert Downy, make no mistake, I’ll never spend another dollar on your
    movies including anything you’ve played in or anything you might play in,
    in the future. Eat a bag of shit!

  10. Stephen Cosner says:

    I voted Friday, for Trump.

  11. Jason Saren says:

    Oh. DAMN. I’m so stupid that I forgot it was voting season! Thanks
    Celebrities for help me remember what I should be doing on November 8th. I
    wish I was a Celebrity so I could be smart and know what I’m doing with my
    life. Thanks again. Voting Trump btw. (Read the sarcasm.)

  12. Cheese Man says:

    Why do people like trump? He’s racist

  13. Uniqueminecraftbuilds says:


  14. Joshua Jones says:

    Vote Trump and watch all these Hollywood stars move to another country, we
    can do it. But i’m sure they won’t, just a bunch of rich cry babies who
    want the benefits of a corrupt judicial system.

  15. Elliot McGrath says:

    Why so many dislikes lmao
    They never even said an opinion

  16. rawrberrys says:

    Already voted, all I know is I’m getting drunk as fuck tomorrow …

  17. Schwing_T says:

    300 million people and these 2 fuckshits are the best 2 we can come up
    with. im voting for spongebob

  18. Jose Gonzales says:

    They literally only said to vote and nothing else and yet it still got a
    lot of dislikes

  19. robier2004 says:

    when is the next Avengers movie coming out

  20. Alex Maverick says:

    Sorry, due to the fact that I have at least a shred of integrity and
    self-respect, I will not be casting a vote for Shillary Clinton or Willy
    Wonka’s most deformed oompa-loompa.