VR Partner Life. Happy Valentines Day

VR Partner Life. Happy Valentines Day

This is VR Partner Life. Happy Valentines Day, Oculus Rift. Sorry this isn’t a normal video, I just made it quickly for fun and people on fb asked me to share it here. Working on a normal video, promise. Been having a bit of a weird time lately but chatting to you guys on twitter, here, and fb etc has actually been a big help. You’re all pretty funny which is weird because it’s so rare to be physically turned on while also finding someone really funny. Plus, there’s a weird patch on my forehead I can’t seem to get rid of and it detracts from my amazing face. ALSO, how old school youtube does this video feel? I miss SD days.
Here’s the last proper video if you missed it… five weeks ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmGeKm9EMPo

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20 Responses

  1. Lola Koritko says:

    im early for once!!!

  2. Gordon Runkle says:

    If he’s always busy in VR, you should have had plenty of time to be making videos. ಠ_ರೃ

  3. RedGiraffe says:

    This is like vintage youtube right here.

  4. The Education of Me says:

    Idk if this is brilliant or its just been so long since nat uploaded I’m happy to have whatever she will give.

  5. NotSahar says:

    That moment when you’re on YouTube 24/7 that you don’t need notifications.

  6. Mr Not That Famous says:

    lol straight up messing with him

  7. Flash_760 says:

    that is wife material right there, give that girl a ring dam why did I have to live in the US

  8. Jess Step says:

    Can I have a like because I don’t have a valentine

  9. J Cole says:

    Being subscribed to you is like a neglectful relationship. We really wanna leave but every now and then you’ll show some attention and we fall right back in love with you.

  10. James Murray says:

    godamnit rowan your upload schedule is worse then nats

  11. SRehill7 says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your Oculus Rift to that strange man

  12. Anthony Dilyn says:

    Art 2017

  13. intalent says:

    I suddenly feel the urge to call my girlfriend

  14. LPintendo says:

    So this is Natalie’s version of bending at the knees for love. I like it.

  15. Ozzy Man Reviews says:

    Fucken gold. I also enjoyed that time you pulled a gun on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Tis a brilliant pub story that one. Fuck yes, Nat.

  16. Bullshit Detector says:

    How the fuck does Nat have only 1.8 million subscribers while Tana the talentless clown has almost 2.5 million subscribers?

  17. XelNigma says:

    man, that girl can NOT sing.

  18. theWanderer521 says:

    was he playing Forza Horizon?

  19. Louis Mireles says:

    Haha an upload! It must be Tuesday

  20. SoUmYea says:

    Pt.2 Beyoncé “hold up” plays and Nats got a bat?

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