Walmart Closing Hundreds Of Stores

Walmart Closing Hundreds Of Stores


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20 Responses

  1. lou dedon says:

    WHOA. Whoa. whoa. woe.
    Will-Dawg, that old man voice.
    Promote that. Holy shit. Voice acting career much?
    Fuck you. I wish I could do that.

  2. Clayton thornton says:

    Wal-Mart is evil. And only cares about monopoly

  3. Tai Lite says:


  4. Randy Herrel says:

    No i dont want to work at Walmart. Retail in general sucks but especially
    at Walmart! I stand with Bernie, we want a $15/hr wage!

  5. Carmen says:

    Will, don’t come for your Mommy you should know better. xD

  6. mike Munrow says:

    Why is he still a host?

  7. Kristopher Holmberg says:

    I do work at Walmart, for over 2 years now.

    Anyone wanna hire a guy who dropped out of a English/History major in the
    last semester because he panicked about graduating? XD I’m great at umm. .
    .unskilled labor and telling stories.

  8. Phil Paddock says:

    I used to work at Walmart. The management was so lazy and they don’t care
    about the customers. It was really eye opening.

  9. HANK HILL says:

    ..Great Wear Am I going to Shop now..

  10. JaffeCakeINC says:

    What do I think? Maybe I should use gofundme to get some cash

  11. Micah Lee says:

    It took me the full video to figure out what the heck he was wearing-
    Hogwarts robe!! I would have pegged you as a slytherin Will ;)

  12. TheGaming Professor says:

    I wanna work in a lego store or being a full time youtuber

  13. teejay Trujillo says:

    So you’re asking Walmart to set up a “fund page”? Walmart is closing
    because once city officials (like the ones in DC) made the deal, they
    changed the deal to demand $15.00 an hour, more hours, pay for their health
    care,etc. etc.

    Start your own store and compete with them while you give up no show jobs
    to your people. Oh, wait. That won’t work.

  14. Vlibyrr says:

    I’m playing GTA V while watching this lol.

  15. Erika Smiles says:

    I work at Walmart and it takes me over a month to make $800

  16. N Jones says:

    I’ve worked at Walmart. Managers suck.

  17. Ronald Yoder Sr. Entertainment says:

    Thank you but my family only shop at Food Lion.

  18. revenant lokoma says:

    the dude that says i just want some money has the best chance of getting
    mine cuz he’s just keeping it real :P

  19. Maxula Pretto says:

    Unemployment for thousands of workers. Not a good way to start 2016.

  20. Akito39 says:

    Worked at Walmart for 1 month, in that one month I got 2 days off, the rest
    was 10 P.M.-7 A.M. with managers saying Faster as they waddle from employee
    to employee, not my worst job, but enough to make me say “a family member
    died, i quit”