The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Golden State Warriors, 103-100. LeBron James recorded a triple-double with 22 PTS, 11 REB and 10 AST for the Lakers, including the go-ahead 3PM with 58.2 seconds remaining in regulation, while Anthony Davis added 25 PTS (20 in the 2nd half) and 12 REB in the victory. Stephen Curry led all scorers with 37 PTS and 7 REB for the Warriors in the losing effort.

With tonight’s victory, the Lakers have secured the No. 7 seed in the Western Conference and will face the Phoenix Suns in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, while the Warriors will face the Grizzlies on Friday, May 21 at 9pm/et on ESPN, with the winner securing the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference of the 2021 NBA Playoffs.


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45 Responses

  1. Chary says:

    This entire game had me out of my seat! Still can’t believe Lebron hit that three 🔥

  2. PressCAPLOCK says:

    This Play-in game lived up to it’s expectations! It felt like a finals game 7
    LeBron and Curry are the top two players of this generation, can’t change my mind 😤

    • Carson Cottrell says:

      @Ely Nimrod Libo-on but who won the finals MVP? Exactly

    • Carson Cottrell says:

      @G Rocko 03 that exactly why his stats are worse hes on a super team

    • raijin-senpai says:

      @YouTube soft asf theres a lot of bad calls that time on warriors even though its just a small contact or body bump to cavs players, making them lose their momentum and give cavs lots of free throws and making warrios defend softly. suspending draymond green, even though it was actually lebron fault at first he keeps provoking him and crying to refs to make a call at green. Then ejecting curry, this was absolutely obvious you can see lebron shove curry with his arm when curry was already turned his back to lebron and they call a stupid foul on curry that makes curry fraustrated and throw his mouth piece, but there nothing they can do about it. Draymond green might back at game 6 but their momentum is already gone and the other important piece like bogut and igoudala are already hurt too. If they let green play in 5 with complete healthy roster that series should be already over.

    • rpdu says:

      Lebron and KD are the best two players of this generation obviously.

    • Carson Cottrell says:

      @REPOMAN – PUBG really 4 rings 4 FMVPS

      2012: FMVP beating a young superteam
      2013: leads a comeback in game 6 and has an amazing game 7 again the FMVP
      2016: the leader of a 3-1 comeback against your hero and again the FMVP
      2020: FMVP and had to play in a bubble which the Lakers sucked in

      Chill Curry stan

  3. Edward Pineda says:

    wes matthews is the big difference tonight 💪🔥

  4. Saikotsu says:

    This game is like some top ten anime battles, so full of suspense.

  5. Shannon says:

    The greatness of curry man smh. I want that man to get many more championships. Really great witnessing his greatness

  6. terry bazile says:

    The rivalry wit da king 👑 & the chef still alive

  7. Francis Schuessler says:

    Damn who would have thought we would miss these two playing each other every year hah

  8. AR TV says:


  9. HMSB7 says:

    Never thought I’d be saying that the battle of the 7 and 8 seed is the closest we will ever get to the 2017 finals

  10. Jay Atlas says:

    Some people are gonna look back and regret that they didn’t appreciate watching Lebron or Steph while they could.

    • KingJay TL says:

      Caleb Wright you can stop all that. Don’t disrespect green and wiggins

    • The Moore Report says:

      @Laquan P. you guess? I mean Lakers won it less than 250 days ago…but you guess they are a championship team

    • arow blow says:

      @The Moore Report lebron got blocked mutiple times🤡

    • Mohamed Askar says:

      @Paul Pogba Goat didn’t even spell hypocrite right😂😭💀 that’s not no auto correct you just an idiot

    • The Moore Report says:

      @arow blow yeah not that 40 footer in stephs face. Either assisted or scored every point in the last 3 minutes. Curry turned it over

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