Watch how a Japanese yakuza responds to a psychological evaluation

Watch how a Japanese yakuza responds to a psychological evaluation

Shun is forced to answer questions about his past. Questions he’s not ready or willing to answer. Watch the new YouTube Originals series Origin coming soon.

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59 Responses

  1. Rafael Rubio says:

    Ohhh man, I’m looking forward to this show.

    Just because Tom Felton tbh, I really liked his character on the Flash.

  2. Colorado Guy says:

    this was seriiusly underwhelming. The acting was ok, the writing was barely engaging.

    I predict cancellation after season 2.

  3. Stacey G says:

    Am I the only one who’s just thinking how sexy He is??? 😍😍

  4. Hanah S. says:

    This man is all kinds of beautiful 🔥and I feel like he’d be dangerous in more ways than one 😮

  5. Dewi Kresnaningsih says:

    Came for Tom, ended up fangirling on Mitsuji😂

  6. Devon Cook says:

    bruh hows a yakuza talking like a british actor wtf…

    • Josh Lee says:

      You guys are either ignorant or just racist. Me personally have seen many asians Japanese and Korean and Chinese who spoke their asian language first and learned English and their English is a lot better than my other friends who spoke English first

    • 17 17 says:

      +Josh Lee Considering the fact that you said “Me personally have seen” rather than using “I” means you might be on to something…YOUR English isn’t very good!…lol

    • Devon Cook says:

      +PenileFacial Surgery im listening again this guys talking like hes 007 if he said” im bond,james bond ” he would sound like a james bond actor not a yakuza

    • holycow343 says:

      cause they think the average viewer are too lazy to read subtitles so they made the actor speak english…

  7. Henock T says:

    Pretty sure the voiceover is David Hayter. (Solid snake)

  8. sam says:

    fuckcudocuidifkxufickufkc hes hot im getting hanzo vibes

  9. Bruce Wayne says:

    I thought this was gonna be in Japanese

  10. Oof says:

    He does modelling for the Yakuza, hell damn he looks hot

  11. BLANK MEMES says:

    Dump this garbage show and look after actual content creators

  12. Stephanie Nicole says:

    Nope…baby we are just getting started….haha. His demeanor, his attitude, his word association choices, and the confidence that he has makes him almost better than Captin’ Crunch with the Crunch Berries 😂😂

  13. BeefIsAnEdible says:

    Every single comment talking about how good he looks but what about his accent🤦🏻‍♂️

  14. Shonen School Class of 1997 says:

    He’s a very handsome devil.

  15. Zach J.V.D. says:

    Wow that was lame… I didn’t realize it was another crappy YT original until it was to late.

    Btw YouTube originals suck…

  16. cjvang7 says:

    Can’t get a minute and 18 seconds of my life back

  17. Plus Ultra287 says:

    I clicked on this because I thought it was real and turns out it’s just some bullshit

  18. ʙʟᴀᴋᴇ ɢʀɪғғɪᴛʜ says:

    Yakuza that speaks perfect English… Wtf

  19. Just A Guy says:

    Oh… I thought this was going to be an actual yakuza doing an actual psych eval… like for science…

  20. So Soulsu says:

    Bland and vapid
    Trying way too hard
    YouTube needs to stop trying to go for Netflix’s extra-sloppy seconds

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