Watch live: Coronavirus expert Dr. Fauci and CDC head Dr. Redfield testify before House

Watch live: Coronavirus expert Dr. Fauci and CDC head Dr. Redfield testify before House

Watch coronavirus livestream coverage of the outbreak as COVID-19 spreads, impacting markets and daily life across the U.S. and abroad.
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50 Responses

  1. Rach H says:

    So the head of the CDC’s goal is to protect the relationship between individuals and their healthcare provider. That is absolutely ridiculous and explains the lack of testing. Katie Porter seems to be the voice of reason here.

    • Szaja Gottlieb says:

      More concerned with “liability” of businesses than potential death of citizens.

    • John Wang says:

      That’s all that’s left of the CDC after the 80% funding cut of 2018 and the firing of it’s Pandemic response team.

  2. Maggie J. says:

    “Social distancing” of 6-10 feet repeated many times : And they sit 1/2 foot from each other. 😎

  3. thomas boyd says:

    ring around the rosies time folks

  4. Cherylyn Snyder says:

    Redfiled STOP blaming other countries!!

  5. Evelyn Hammer says:

    so they’re admitting our healcare system is a fraud

    • Ann Tinnin says:

      @Six Kidlets free? Working people will be paying for it, so it won’t be free. Figure Bernie’s tax plan , 52% increase in income taxes, then you have state and local taxes, then fuel, groceries, clothing, auto, (auto insurance), etc . You will be lucky if you have 20% of your paycheck to keep, of that 20% you have to pay rent or mortgage, if mortgage, you still have property tax and have to have homeowners insurance. Or do you think that will be free also?

    • leomarkaable1 says:

      @Ann Tinnin AT LAST a person who understands economics

    • leomarkaable1 says:

      @Six Kidlets The millions of non tax-paying immigrants in this country rake in millions of millions, and those people understand our healthcare system is a fraud because non tax-paying non-citizens ( themselves ) get gilded health care and they pay no taxes at all….

    • leomarkaable1 says:

      @Ann Tinnin Yes, she does think that homeowners insurance will be free…she is that stupid.

  6. Channy P says:

    This is so ridiculously ineffective.

  7. TaDa says:

    Were ASKING You DR Readfield to do the job that you are HIGHLY PAID to do…

    • Rach H says:

      He obviously doesn’t care… very frustrating

    • Folie says:

      @Rach H I think it has more to do him struggling to speak publically. He looks like it is clamming up and nervous. After all this is probably one of the biggest moments for his entire career. The entire nation is literally looking at him.

    • Ego_trip_N says:

      Folie I definitely agree with you

  8. Jonathan Montoya says:

    21:40 “dont touch your face” 5 seconds later dude in back touches face 💀

  9. Dandelionwishes 1072 says:

    Finally having OCD comes in handy.

  10. Laverne Resler says:

    Mr. Norman, how wrong can you be!! Most Americans are ABSOLUTELY NOT in agreement that the CDC is doing all they can! You need to pay mor attention to groups like the nurses association and all the others that know that it’s finally getting attention when it’s already too late!

    • Cynthia Agard says:

      You have to start from where you are. Never throw in the towel. Better late than never when it comes to saving lives. Blame game is a luxury we can’t afford.

  11. Raelven says:

    Ban the floating petri dishes known as “cruise ships”.

  12. Murray Skill says:

    Cdc have dropped the ball on its own people.dr redfield seems to be lost.TO LATE TO LITTLE

  13. Douglas Barton says:

    All this talk about the Coronavirus reminds me of
    Sgt Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes tv show .. I KNOW NOTHING / I KNOW NOTHING .. I didn’t even get up this morning

  14. DrPommels says:

    the idea that anyone who feels they need the test could get it, that is not the case, it is a failing, let’s admit it… do we need it? Yes…. – Dr. Fauci

  15. DM Tea says:

    The health insurance companies won’t go bankrupt, you will.

  16. Shana Logan says:

    I fear the government’s handling and response more than the virus itself.

  17. Evie Fieseler says:


  18. twotigerstworats says:

    The only one saying anything honest is Dr. Fauci, and when Redfield needs to answer a difficult question, he makes Fauci do it.

  19. nerdaterp says:

    I see Dr. Fauci more credible than Dr. Redfield, the head of the CDC. That’s a sad observation.

  20. He Ket says:

    No way… South Korean coronavirus test kits are 98% accurate.. Why dont use them? Do FDA want 100% accuracy even this panic situation?

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