Watch Man Effortlessly Grab Bucket of Gold Worth $1.6M From Open Truck

Watch Man Effortlessly Grab Bucket of Gold Worth $1.6M From Open Truck

The end of the rainbow may mean jail time for one man who was caught on surveillance stealing a large pot of gold from a truck in New York City before scuttling away without anyone noticing. The NYPD is on the case, hunting for the thief who robbed an armored truck of a bucket of gold flakes worth $1.6 million. The truck was parked on West 48th street when the man walked up, took the 86-pound bucket out of the back of it, and slyly walked away.

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20 Responses

  1. Crazy Goat says:

    New easy way of making money?
    Let me just wear my shoes

  2. My Intelleggenzzia says:

    lol. ???.

  3. Love4Dogs says:

    what if his doppel ganger gets caught :’D I wonder how many cases this has
    happen where people get thrown in jail for a crime they seriously didnt
    commit because they look like the cooperite

  4. BEWARE OF TREX says:

    the music that they put in lol

  5. Noah Rule says:

    and I struggle to pay My phone bill

  6. Tyler S says:


  7. cdarklink says:

    I want my cereal i want my pot of gold LOL

  8. Bear says:

    Inside Job!

  9. Patrick Debellefeuille says:

    Please someone help me understand what charges would this men face and what
    jail term could he face just curious!!!

  10. george biel says:


  11. thomas tarter says:

    Sold it to the pawn shop for 500 bucks and then move out the same day.

  12. Kevin Hinojosa says:

    Drive, just drive all the way down to Mexico and start a new life.

  13. OQ says:

    Honestly tho do yall think this man has any chance of getting away with
    this? And if you do, how should he go about doing so?

  14. Justin Nixon says:

    they shouldn’t kept it open and they need to pay more attention, instead of
    talking, do your job people.

  15. Fujiwara says:

    Lmao let em have it he deserves it

  16. Suicide Awareness says:

    I’m not even mad ?

  17. Anthony Olavarria says:


  18. Bazooka Rick says:

    Hey. Yeah it’s me, “That guy”. Gotta remind you that if this guy was black
    there wouldn’t be nearly as many well wishing comments. Truth bullets.

  19. Hidden driver says:

    *Banks hate him! Learn how to make 1.6mil in just under 10 minutes!*

  20. Johnny Favourites says:

    I would of done the same thing. He should of worn a hat at least.