Watch me draw 10 presidents

Watch me draw 10 presidents

Quick sketches of the last few presidents, from Donald Trump to John F. Kennedy.

Background music: Mirrors, by Charlemagne Demafeliz

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57 Responses

  1. Chargers Hackenberg says:

    I liked your political cartoons

  2. Jakob Groenen says:

    Different kind of video. But I like it! Nice job

  3. awesome boy says:

    Jfk is the best drawing

  4. MattNOV1509 says:

    Can you do them in color now?

  5. Dragon age says:

    Great drawings JJ

  6. Dragons Master says:

    Draw the founding fathers of Murica

  7. Owen Creative says:

    Really great

  8. Diana Pristavu says:

    Here’s a few suggestions:
    American Vice Presidents
    British Prime Ministers/Monarchs
    German Chancellors
    Russian/USSR leaders
    The first ten US presidents
    Chinese leaders
    The N. Korean Kim family
    Just my suggestions. Hope you do another one, this was fun.

  9. ashdoesmc says:

    You should draw the communist leaders next!

  10. 64imma says:

    I like how jfk looks like a teenage boy in comparison to everyone else

  11. TheManWithOneName says:

    As a fan of political cartoons I really liked this video and would like to see more of your skilfull drawings!

  12. demonstructie says:

    Yo this was cool, you could do a weekly item where you do a cartoon based on a news story that week? Maybe kinda broaden the scope from just political stories so you can get more different and diverse characters in? You clearly enjoy it and you’re good at it and maybe knowing you have an audience here motivates you again. Just record yourself drawing and talk a bit about the news story, maybe don’t even speed up the footage. Idk, could be cool!

  13. ConnorNT says:


  14. Ohmy bama says:

    Obama looks like Darwin from Wild Thornberry’s.

  15. Giz Mo says:

    *something like that*

  16. Pro Duces says:

    12:06 Canadian detected.

  17. DavidVsNorm says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

    Mr. LittleDick

  18. Majik says:

    Happy Holidays!!! Checkout my channel for the best meme πŸ™‚ Let’s help us small YouTubers grow!

  19. Jordan Burkhardt says:

    No wonder you failed as a political cartoonist. That drawing of george bush looks nothing like him. There are alot of successful modern political cartoonists still. I think you just did it wrong.

  20. GTR Wendy says:

    Can you draw Hillary? It looks like this 😈

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