Watch: Powerful Hurricane Ida rips through Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Watch: Powerful Hurricane Ida rips through Lafourche Parish, Louisiana

Video provided to CBS News from Lafourche Parish shows powerful Hurricane Ida ripping through the area | Get the latest Ida updates here:

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37 Responses

  1. slinkysmurfette says:

    Goodness. It’s SO crazy how those fake flowers on the tomb stay put yet the power lines are just a blowing in the wind. CRAZYness

    • Doc Ferringer says:

      @QUEEN ROYALTY RULES I hated Rick Scott for that, and Desantis too if he’s refusing infrastructure money. Remember that high speed rail we kept voting YES on? Last time that was rolled out, Scott shot down federal money for it. Not because of saving the taxpayers money or whatever his BS excuse was–he had some buddies who he was going to hand the contract over to, and that federal money always comes with strings attached. Oh, and his buddies were giving him a share of the company, naturally.

      How people can be so ignorant of what these bastards do while in office? How do they keep themselves so stubbornly rooted in their views that they have to re-elect these fraudsters for second terms rather than admit they were wrong?

    • Mike Secor says:

      @QUEEN ROYALTY RULES don’t rely on gov.

    • N Pak says:

      @QUEEN ROYALTY RULES Rick Scott cared more about becoming a senator than Florida. Ron Desantis cares more about running for President than Florida.

    • Ryan Blanche says:

      @N Pak I don’t see how he has a decent chance.

      Florida is a disaster when it comes to COVID cases right now, and it’s still too early to tell if he’s a front runner.

      If Biden is still popular in 2024, he’ll win.

      It’s always the case with incumbents, as they always have the advantage.

    • milklord nomadic says:

      @John, the Revelator sToP beINg lAzY * * says the most intellectually lazy, and most asinine thing possible * * (and, no, I’m not a lefty, you just need to get over your damn self, we’re not all religious idiots)

  2. Audiwan Kenobi says:

    I think that you all have the best videos and coverage on this storm. Respect from Daytona Beach Florida.

  3. the messenga cross says:

    Aww Those poor cows I hope they are safe

    • nobody says:

      Those cows have actually chosen an ideal spot, by their standards.

      It’s wide open around them, so they are much less likely to be hit by lightning or a falling tree. They are far enough away from anything that they will have time to move if something big starts getting blown their way.

      Best of all, there’s no mud underfoot to slide around in, or squelch up in anybody’s toes or to cause a loss of traction if they need to run.

    • prettynoose888 says:

      @Krane Humans are the most destructive and dumbest animals on this planet.

    • Riley Banks says:

      @Shawn the Artist Can you please elaborate on your calculations?

    • flip f says:

      @Shawn the Artist you didnt calculate anything shut up kid

    • Three Percent says:

      @Krane Public school education ??

  4. Arthur Mah says:

    Whoa, look at the damages, the destruction this hurricane done….totally devasting….

    • SnailSpeedSlow says:

      @Tony Tran the truth is it isnt even biden. hes an ill old man. what happened is the works of a very powerful puppet master and pelosi needs to be arrested and questioned asap….

    • John Dough says:

      @SnailSpeedSlow both of you guys are uckin idiots lmao. you probably think everything is political.

    • (o3o) says:

      @John Dough They think both sides arent the same jackasses taking hour money and pissing away with their friends.

    • SnailSpeedSlow says:

      @John Dough ok.

    • Ryan Blanche says:

      Though is it as bad as Katrina? I don’t see this killing over 1800 again.

      Also, wasn’t Katrina a Category 5?

  5. Ghost InTheMachine says:

    I think those cows were lost.

  6. Jeff Hutton says:

    I LOL’d at 0:38 guy moves a small branch and the storm is like “that’s cute”, here’s a bigger one.

  7. Hippie Lewis says:

    No one should be out in conditions like this

  8. natalina bellican says:

    Morning, this is so hard to watch, look at what’s happening with everything and everyone, prayers

  9. deMartin says:

    I’m glad they let the cows go or they were able to get free. Hopefully they found an open safe area and were unharmed.

  10. Luna Puella says:

    Bless all the people and animals caught up in this. My heart goes out to them.

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