WATCH: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force holds a news conference at the White House

WATCH: President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force holds a news conference at the White House

President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force speaks to the press at the White House. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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72 Responses

  1. sam Martra says:

    US, we love you, take care, you are an amazing Land, you will make it <3 Hugs from Italy

  2. Pam Payne says:

    We are way ahead of you — I don’t know anyone who thinks the government is overreacting – we think you are under reacting. Stop congratulating yourselves and get with the program. Mobilize the Army Corp of Engineers to build / retrofit additional hospital beds to handle the overload now, please.

    • Thomas Jefferson Wolfcall says:

      Mobilize the Corps of Engineers? So they get to take one for the team? How about you get out there and start “building beds”

    • Scott Adkins says:

      Hey, dumbass, that is NOT what the Army Corps of Engineers do…not even close….

    • CJ says:

      Its only a matter of time before everything inside the U.S will be shut down, believe me. Many countries in the European Union has already closed all schools, restaurents and bars. The number of infected with COVID-19 is in a increasing rate in the U.S and is similar to what is going on in Italy. Im from Denmark, and everything here is already shutting down. Even restaurents, cafes and small shops has closed down only because of guidelines and recommendation, not by restriction. Stay home and be safe.

    • alma abaya says:

      So true.

    • love life says:

      hell I see about 15 mattresses just driving around my block who cares if they recline just stick a mattress on a box and it’s a bed. could even just use cots yeah it sucks but hey it’s a bed

  3. Joe G says:

    I work in a shipyard where theres 100s of us is getting infected and they still have us working

  4. LilithFilth says:

    Travel bans will have to stay in place for aaaaages.
    Virus is expected to peak in Australia Aug–Oct

    • Darius Kang says:

      Travel bans are speciesist. It is just virusophobia. Viruses are dreamers too. They just want better living conditions inside your body and live the American dream. Open borders!

    • Tahlia Fagan says:

      Is it bad in Australia?

    • *Bad Word* says:

      LilithFilth / Aug-Oct seems really late.. why is it that long? In the US (or atleast where I live) virus cases are expected to peak late April.

  5. Cece Bou says:

    Email your state senators. They represent the people of their state:
    *We need a debt holiday*
    Suspend all mortgage, rent, loans, and credit card payments so we can stay home as long as required to get over this crisis.

    • Small Town Girl Big City Heart says:

      Scott Adkins Oh for crying out loud! I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties, as well. Grouchy a$$. No need to be buttholes but people are acting up regardless.

    • Small Town Girl Big City Heart says:

      Cece Bou You sounds like a very good person- concerned not only about you and yours but your fellow man. That’s how we all should be right now. Shame we aren’t. I hope we’re wrong but I don’t see this “lockdown” happening for only two weeks… This is just the beginning. Dr. Fauci said things will be different for several weeks to a few months so, you’re question and everyone else’s about how to financially get by will only gain more traction as time goes by.

    • kpark67 says:

      not gonna happen.
      they gonna let us die from virus or starving then collect whatever we left behind

    • Cece Bou says:

      Small Town Girl Big City Heart the good thing about all this is that good people end up connecting. Those whom find pleasure in putting others down need it to feel better about themselves. Thank you very much for your comments of support 🙂 take care!

    • Misha Yaros says:

      Cece Bou good 💡 idea

  6. Malwand Gulban says:


  7. ANAHI CELIZ says:

    I’m worried about us who rent and have to work everyday to have just enough to pay rent and bills if we lose or jobs or something bills are not going to wait for everything to be over

    • CapanCrunch ! says:

      Sorry mija but these are unfortunate times, if your that worried make plans ahead of time to either file for unemployment or talk with your family a brother a sister your mom dad and plan ahead to figure it out, DO NOT WAIT PLAN AHEAD cuz this is going to last a long long time and my nephew has already gotten his hours cut in half, there is going to be mass layoffs, God bless and be safe ok🙏

    • Cainhurst Nobility says:

      They’ll bail out the banks before they ever help the working poor.

  8. Antee Matter says:

    Ok peeps. Time to grow up, drop the political crap, and consider other people. Our front line medical people are facing a tsunami of sick people. We need to have their backs and do what the experts recommend. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine like sun! It can be our finest hour. 👍👍👍 But we gotta love and not hate. We gotta be an encouragement to others and consider that the sacrifices that we have to make to keep others safe and uplift each other’s spirits is a very high calling. It may be a long war but one day we’ll have such an awesome celebration!!! Love yas!!!

    • Tia Newark says:

      Very well said! The worst is yet to come and we need to support our medical personnel and first responders with absolute certainty. They have families and loved ones they have to go home to. Yet they are risking the health of themselves and there loved ones to care for U.S. citizens. Now is a time to put bias and hate behind us. This virus doesn’t discriminate and reminds us all no matter how much money you have or celebrity or money, we are all vulnerable to this virus. May you all be well and helathy. Peace and blessings.

    • NetCodeERROR says:

      We’re in this together as a country, and as a species. No matter what.

    • 0devast8r0 says:

      I really wish this is a perfect world. I dont give up hope.

    • BamBam Jesus says:

      Melissa Tubbs god made this all happen.

    • BamBam Jesus says:

      NetCodeERROR no we’re not. Everyone for themselves. Weak will die

  9. Deeboy M says:

    We could make all these assumptions and illuminati and conspiracies theories but staying prepared and aware and safe shud be the main concerns!

    • Phil Jodoin says:

      Or you could just accept that 20 percent of us population will be living in an old Walmart by end of summer

    • Deeboy M says:

      Phil Jodoin I dont have all the answers but only time will tell! rite now just hope for the best and prepare the muthaphuccin worst! We cant control these things the Government do! all we can do is what we have control of!

  10. Curistic Marketplace says:

    I deeply hope the Federal Gov’t is also monitoring the situation with Banks in light of the recent federal reserve rate drop. I heard this morning (03-16-2020) from my lender that mortgage rates went up and Banks are actually endeavoring to take advantage of the American people and not drop rates at all, but creating the perception they are. Rather, the Banks are leveraging this time to generate more capital for their own business interests.

    • Izza Duck says:

      Yep! This is the mentality that led to the GFC… Hope congress is keeping an eye on the bankers and Ms Porter has an opportunity to ask questions about how they are conducting business with the average citizen.

  11. TheDieselStop says:

    Everyone just needs to calm the hell down. You do not need to doomsday prep. Leaves me goddamn food out there for everyone.

    • BamBam Jesus says:

      TheDieselStop of you eat healthy you’re fine. Fat people took all the pork and junk food. That’s it

  12. Drew Rayford says:

    Dr. Birx said “over the last MONTHS we have taken bold steps to stop the virus from reaching our shores.” That’s crazy talk. They didn’t take any steps until around 6 weeks ago.

    • Iben T. Rollin says:


    • Drew Rayford says:

      Iben T. Rollin they didn’t take any steps until the end of January. And defiantly weren’t taking bold steps in February. Trump was golfing on February 1st while newspapers were criticizing him about not taking this seriously. They did something at the end of January that was a bold step; they refused the Coronavirus test from WHO which was originally a German test that has now become the gold standard. I’ll give him credit for shutting down certain flights from China and the hotspots but really that is kinda academic. He downplayed this all of February. He said the cases were going “down not up” and even just 3 or so weeks ago he said that we only have 15 cases and very soon we would have zero. He saw this as a public relations issue and not as a medical issue at first. Admit it.

    • Iben T. Rollin says:

      @Drew Rayford …you’re tds is severe my friend…put down the MSM…step out of your echo chamber and take a few deep breaths

    • Drew Rayford says:

      Iben T. Rollin nothing I said was wrong. Tell me what I said that is factually wrong. Call it TDS but the real TDS is actually thinking Trump is a good leader and honest man.

  13. shinayKahn shin says:

    Never seen Trump this serious, that means were fked.

  14. Wily Coyote says:

    9:23 You’re welcome

  15. You know says:


    • Chris Lee says:

      Bruh they one case of corona virus Kim found out and pulled out the death squad

    • Kevin Buck says:

      Yep there is no way in hell this just showed up out of the blue. They are pretending it did, because they don’t have the proof YET!!!!

  16. Stacy Ottaviano says:

    Why are they standing so close together?

    • Shawn Menlove says:

      And they are now recommending no more then 10 in a gathering yet these experts are just fine with the numbers in that room

  17. jinlijia73 says:

    Dr. Fauci touched his face with his hand at 38:43. Then he realized that it’s an mistake so at 40:00 he used his notebook to scratch his cheek and checked the notebook afterwards.


    Why did’t they closed down daycare yet

  19. GL TV lol says:

    Those worried about rent… Well no one will be getting evicted because landlords aren’t going to be able to walk into a courthouse to file an eviction 🙌🏽

  20. avc says:

    I respect this version of Trump
    respectful and professional

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