We Bought Each Other Lock-Down Mystery Boxes!

We Bought Each Other Lock-Down Mystery Boxes!

Buy the DOPE or NOPE Card Game Here!! ➡ https://bit.ly/BuyDopeOrNopeUS

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WE BACK BABY! We’ve got some changes to talk about… BUT ONCE WE’RE DONE WITH THAT we decided to buy each other care packages to help us get through lock down! Both Tanner and Matthias think they know the other better, but I’m not convinced either way.

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35 Responses

  1. Zmioski Wolf says:

    Me: **sees dope or nope uploads**
    Me: **clicks**
    Michael: **is leaving dope or nope**
    Me: i do the sad.

    But on a serious note: As a person whose watched dope or nope for over 2 years now and hearing this reminded me of when Brian left when this wasn’t even known as dope or nope. All in all as *much* as I and probably most people who watch Dope or Nope will miss Michael, I respect his decision to leave and like that he decided to pursue his goal/music career. Yes it’ll be different without him but when Bryan left its not like we never saw him again. I still see Bryan from time to time on this channel and other channels like Hi5. All in all this comment is really long, and probably will get buried in the sea of 4,891 (currently as I write this) comments. Keep up the good content on this channel and stay safe Dope or Nope. and you too person reading this comment! – Zmioski

  2. Grace Pareti says:

    two minutes in and i’m crying because michaels leaving

  3. Gaming Nighthawk says:

    Me seeing this setup
    It’s evolving, just backwards

  4. mateo ward says:

    I literally cried when micheal said he was leaving

  5. Chris LeBelMusic says:

    9:01 HAHA let’s make a joke about the end of one of our most entertaining channels like a day after a heartfelt goodbye loloolol.

  6. Tanner S says:

    17:39 I really wasn’t expecting Tanner to say “do you still find me sexually attractive”.

  7. K Hughes says:

    i stg man. yall better bring him back at least every once in a while 🙁

  8. MARC3L1NO says:

    its the feeling when bryan left

  9. Abraham Ibarra says:

    Who else can’t even picture Mathias with hair ! His new haircut suits him so well!!!

  10. Maria Acevedo says:

    It’s weird without Michael. He is my fave. I’m Mexican so I feel that he makes me identify with y’all. This is weird! :/

  11. Dancing_ Unicorn says:

    Me: I’m over everything in 2020
    Dope or nope: *Micheal is leaving the channel*
    Me: Can the sun just consume the earth already 😑

  12. William Afton Fnaf 1-6 says:

    Dope or Nope: *Whenever They rate something relating to a Baby*
    Matt: I have that
    Dope or Nope: NANI!?!?!??!!?!!!!???!?!?!?!?!??!?!??

  13. Chris Carter says:

    This video be like

    There back in the studio: Yaaaay
    Michaels leaving: Boooooooooo
    He staying at hi5: yaaaaaaay

  14. Priyxnsh_j says:

    You should bring Woods to the channel, if Michael never comes back😰

  15. Carmela Galapon says:

    I’m a big fan of micheal knowing that he’s leaving this channel is so sad but I guess that’s how everything goes, we’ll miss you in this channel, Stay Safe everyone 🙂

  16. Apisang says:

    My favourite moments of Michael is “what is soap?” Get scared by snake. There’s a lot, but that’s all i remember.

  17. Carson Does vr says:

    As 6ix9ine once said “she mad he mad big sad.”
    That’s what we are because Michaels leaving.

  18. Bella Hughes says:

    Matt: “sees baby that has bowel issues, turns baby around shoots that baby”

  19. Bumblefluff says:

    Everyone: Michael is leaving nooo! Me: This sounds like the Matthias channel with extra steps.

  20. Lemon says:

    Matt: “Amanda would LOVE this!!”
    Tanner: “Hayley hates this stuff”

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