We Built the Fortnite Llama out of 13,000 Magnets!

We Built the Fortnite Llama out of 13,000 Magnets!

Anthony, a master neoball builder, visited Vat19 to create a magnetic Loot Llama using 13,000 spherical magnets.
Buy here: https://www.vat19.com/item/nanodots-spherical-neodymium-magnets?adid=youtube
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Turn your desktop into a gallery of magnetic masterpieces by building with Neoballs. Like their little brother, these magnetic constructors are perfect for fidgeting or as building blocks that snap together. And with their smaller size, you have the flexibility to build even more intricate designs than before.

The neodymium orbs click together with ease, allowing you to combine simple symmetrical shapes to create complex creations. With enough sets (and a lot of patience!) you can create miniature spaceships, motorcycles, elephants and more.

Devote serious time to constructing elaborate structures or absent-mindedly fidget with them while doing other work. You’ll find your fingers being attracted to this curious plaything again and again.

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52 Responses

  1. Music Tuber Gamer says:

    we or he
    made a llama

    hahhaha just kidding

  2. Alice Pagadora says:

    no views because theres fortnite in the title you should have put minecraft in the title

  3. Rathlyvida Kim says:

    Kid: *yOu SuCk*
    Kara: *pulls out the uno reverse card*
    Kara:*YoU sUcK

  4. SyCh Junior says:

    When they make a Fortnite llama but not a Minecraft chicken: Now this is an avengers level threat

  5. EpicTurtle Life says:

    Everyone when they see the title:
    Everyone when they see 11:45:

  6. SorcererCj says:

    Stop trying to repopulate fortnite with the thumbnail which I fell for

  7. Emzi Films says:

    70% of the comments: Omg fortnite is so OLD you should do Minecraft instead
    20% of the comments: Minecraft is 2019, you should have done a Minecraft ———— instead
    5% of the comments about the video
    2% of the comments: you should do something that pewdiepie plays or about him
    2.9% of the comments: Vat19 made no money
    0.1% of the comments: Wow that llama looks cool!

  8. Mr. Sir says:

    70% of comments is people disliking fortnite
    20% people wanting Minecraft instead of fortnite
    7% people arguing over fortnite
    3% the magnets are noice

  9. creeper 3 says:

    They deleted my comment because i said how we could send them a message,
    I guess it worked then?

  10. Micah.2023 says:

    This is my new favorite video featuring Kara.

  11. i like food says:

    *Are you serious right now. I wanted a minecraft llama*

  12. Sam Day says:

    I will take the magnetic British penny kit I live in the UK so it will be good

  13. Aqua Minecart says:

    ‘We built the fortnite llama with 13000 magnets!”


  14. ?Gacha Pancake? says:

    Ok, vat 19, i love you, but fortnite sucks please dont do this

  15. Lⲁϩⲧ ⲓⲛsⲁиⲓⲧⲩツ says:

    Vat19: *posts about fartnite*

    *”Thomas had never seen such bullpoop before”*

  16. Mathumi Patgunam says:

    Minecraft: I’m going to break you

    Fortnite Llama: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Minecraft: crushes the llama

    Fornite: *crushed to death*

  17. *_* says:

    Minecraft good fortnite bad

    Can I get likes now

  18. The Mr. Man says:

    *_It is YOUR duty, as a citizen of the gamer community, to dislike this atrocity of a video._*

  19. Llama0Gama says:

    I love Vat19, but I really don’t know if this can be forgiven…

  20. Tyler IW says:

    70% of fortnight bad
    20%pewdipie Minecraft
    10% these type of comments

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