We Demand $1 Fries on the New McDonald’s Dollar Menu

We Demand $1 Fries on the New McDonald’s Dollar Menu

We have some problems with the new & supposedly “improved” McDonald’s Dollar Menu. GMM #1241.3
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63 Responses

  1. Experimental Fun says:


  2. Hardcore Holly says:

    I want McDonald’s now XD

  3. Colonel Fuhrberger says:

    new value menu is perfect for when you’re stoned and got the munchies

  4. Dan Wright says:

    Australia already has $1 medium fries so you guys are behind us for once.

  5. burn book says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever realized that the dollars menu was gone

  6. TheOfficialDrk says:

    I could not agree more! $1 fries on the new menu, please! 🙂

  7. Jessyee says:

    idk how you guys are so cheery so early lol

  8. HereforRandL says:

    It’s so weird seeing Link eat while Rhett talks… usually it’s the opposite!

  9. Tiff says:

    99 cent only store also sells stuff over 99 cents too. So deceiving!!

    • Notorious Anvil says:

      Tiff first they started with under a dollar like 79¢ or 59¢ which I was okay with. But now it’s like as long as it has a 9 in the price it’s okay

  10. CheesecakeLasagna says:

    Link sounds so helium-y in this.

  11. Roland Mendoza says:

    $1 fries is taking over net neutrality

  12. MonkeyButt69 says:

    I thought they did have the 1 dollar fry? It was the little small kids fry but it was on the dollar menu right? I also know they used to have the “McValue” fry which was like a medium sized fry for 1 dollar and they got rid of that. The large is like 3 dollars.

  13. Jayme MacFarlane says:

    They had this issue in Australia so they changed it to the “loose change menu” $1, $2 and $3 items.

  14. Ryan Ellis says:

    For all of you complaining about them not covering net neutrality just go and look at their twitter, they clearly have a petition on there asking for people to stand up for the cause.

    • Ryan Ellis says:

      CRAWFISH they have always kept their channel away from anything remotely related to politics which is the way I believe they want to keep it. Twitter is their next biggest platform which they know will attract a lot of people.

    • Witty And Funny Name says:

      CRAWFISH they talked about it on gmm episode too.😒

    • Witty And Funny Name says:

      Complaining is the only thing those couch warriors know how to do. Actually checking if and what R&L said; that’s way above them.

    • JojoKitty 1601 says:

      CRAWFISH they did talk about net neutrality on a past episode of GMM a little while back when it first became an issue, just check out their past videos.

    • OniTwilight says:

      I saw them bring it up on a facebook post, so it isn’t just twitter, I saw it on Facebook.

  15. Jim Galioto says:

    I miss the $1 mcdouble

  16. 4mit20 says:

    Pssh I’d like £ fries.

  17. R3ckl3ssGam3rz says:

    Did anyone else notice Link secretly taking one bite from every burger? Lol

  18. BreeInRealLife says:

    I live in Ohio. We still have dollar fries, mcdoubles, and mcchickens. Our sausage burritos are 1.19 along with a plain sausage mcmuffin, but any other breakfast item like the Mcgriddles are close to $4. So no need to hashtag here. Lol

  19. A Bottle Of Bleach says:

    How did you guys get a cheeseburger this early in the morning!?!

  20. c0pyimitati0n says:

    Ewwwww!! McDonald’s fries are so gross!!! They never mold… It’s just a chemical 🥔

    • Cuppy Cakey says:

      Mold needs moisture to grow. Yes, a potato will rot because it has a lot of moisture inside of it. The fries don’t.

    • c0pyimitati0n says:

      Cuppy Cakey ok, then even better, make your own french fries and compare them to the chemical laced fries of McDonald’s 😉

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