We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever

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The Crew attempts a VFX Makeover on “The Worst CGI shot ever.” Will it work?

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53 Responses

  1. AZREDFERN says:

    now place the CG Rock face on all of the real Rock scenes.

  2. Shane The Stoic says:

    Legolas sliding down the elephant trunk needs your attention

  3. Noel Villarin says:

    Nothing more mind-blowing than DeepFaking a CGI Dwayne Johnson to look more like the real Dwayne Johnson.

  4. Junior Mynos says:

    I prefer the over-the-top, debris blasting, fire engulfing, camera shaking visual effect.
    Looks much more menacing.

  5. Irvine Spiegel says:

    9:52 Lets also not discount that taste of The Rock Eyebrow.
    That along with that flare gave a distinct aroma of what The Rock is cooking.

  6. Prim N Proper says:

    The baby from Twilight… if not I’ll make Bella abort it from the outside.

  7. Nayann Martinelli says:

    Although someone could say it’s still not perfect, you guys substantially improved the shot, in ONE freaking day, without having any of the movie’s budget or assets. That’s definitely no mean feat, hats off to you guys 🙂

    • DHGMRZ17 says:

      Most of it was done for them already, they just more or less made some small tweaks to the shot to make it look better.

    • LongdownConker says:

      @KaidanTONiO corridor crew have a reacts video where in it they look at cgi from Jurassic Park. Theres a few reasons it looked a lot better and some of that had to do with lighting. Also I think the people who worked on the mummy probably had time constraints coz this cgi is bad even for its time, but these things happen and there can be lots of contributing factors. Anyway they explain it better than me lol

    • LongdownConker says:

      @Alcovitch I believe he ment real as in real life or object rather than computer generated. And theres no need for name calling at all, ur outa line there

    • AsHalt says:

      To be frank, Jurassic park was used with practical and CG due to the tech at that time.

      But for the mummy and the period it was out, the studios were going nuts on CGI, using CGI for literally everything.

      Nowadays, the common wisdom is to blend both practical and CG to enhance and not replace…

    • Artur Schreiner says:

      Yeah, in 2019, with all the most recent technology and knowledge how to use it.

  8. Isabelle Hrubec says:

    Fix anything marvel. Maybe the worst marvel cgi scene is from The Black Panther so do that?

  9. Rajan Mali says:

    Condolences to Wren, his family and the corridor crew. Obi will be missed deeply by as all.

  10. Chris Sanders says:

    Please fix the scene in the matrix reloaded where Neo fights a hundred Agents in the court yard!! I’ve always wanted that to look better. Thank you guys. You Rock!! No pun intended ??

  11. John Maven says:

    Suggestion: Fix the Darkseekers from I Am Legend.

  12. Alf Villarreal says:

    React to Stranger Things cgi.
    The third season has some serious cgi with lots of lighting and weird textures, looks amazing.

    • Thad Donovan says:

      Agreed. There’s a couple shots of the goo creature moving around early on (from the rat) that are absolutely convincing as real.

    • Alf Villarreal says:

      @Thad Donovan Dude, when they are at the mall throwing fireworks, it’s an amazing scene, and I bet it’s not that easy. Also everything with the rats it’s done incredible.

  13. Jakob Elijas says:

    The entirety of shark boy and lava girl.

  14. Jakob Elijas says:

    In spy kids 3, when he goes into the video game. That looked awful.

  15. WoolfyDraws says:

    Fix justice league’s Superman, you should deepfake his face to look better

  16. Franjolos says:

    The light reflection technique Sam did was genius and although subtle really made the shot for me. Amazing work!!

  17. Aruna K. says:

    Peter’s back! (and is capable of growing facial hair????)

  18. Qxeen of Hearts says:

    deepfake actually could’ve helped henry cavill in justice league, sure it’d be a 5% improvement but still ??‍♀️

  19. Gerald Toaster says:

    It looks better, but the deepfake looks like he’s really tired/drunk

  20. BIGBADPOPPAJ says:

    The matrix reloaded. One of my all time favorite movies. But two scenes in particular just look so wrong. The fight scene between neo and Smith’s. And the crashing truck scene when neo swoops in and saves morpheus and the key maker. The scenes were badass alone but you cant help but notice the really bad models.

    Also what program did they use. I love computer graphics and such I’m learning blender pretty well. But I would love to experiment with this

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