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57 Responses

  1. Rory O'Flynn says:

    me, clikcin on the video :: pregnart?

  2. Maria Alejo says:

    Video idea ? Mariah Zane Heath all go horse back riding

  3. ci love says:

    Miss Mariah move.
    Zane is such a diva I can’t

  4. ryleigh wohlers says:

    *sees title* “Is mariah pregnant? Did you break up? Whats going on”

    (Edit: why does this have so many likes? I was expecting 2 tops?)

  5. Xyan Getsuga says:

    Heath: My engagement’s low ?
    Mariah: MY engagement’s low ☝??

    Me: TEA!!! ?

    • Tiffany S says:

      Xyan Getsuga I think when they’re finally engaged they’re gonna keep it a secret for a while to enjoy it for themselves and then we will find out months later. But I DO think they’ll get engaged 🙂 if they’re not already. ?☕️

    • Emily M says:

      Tiffany S they aren’t mariah wouldn’t be sending heath hints like that if it if they were engaged.

  6. Georgia Radka says:

    U and Mariah are such role models for a good relationship

  7. Little me says:

    I loove that they’re so goofy together, and it’s not weird that zane is third wheeling, because they just make such a perfect trio I AM FANGIRLING SO HARD I WANT THAT IN MY LIFE HAHA???

  8. Emily Duzs says:

    Mariah is my favorite person on the planet

  9. Angelica L says:

    “I want to own a cooking studio” “a restaurant?!” ???

  10. Troy Turner says:

    all I am saying is that Mariah dropped 3 hints about that ring Heath get it together

    • missy Martinez says:

      mawymawymawy loved that u said it about Jason and trish because they r definitely together. But heath and Mariah has been talking about their future for a long time. And Scott and Kristen hinted at an engagement also

    • missy Martinez says:

      Mink Subliminals lol I don’t think she’s pressuring him at all that’s why he and Zane laughed when she did it. I think they both are planning a future together. I’m sorry about your relationship everyone is different when deciding to get engaged or is ok with just being girlfriend/ boyfriend

    • Jessica Turner says:

      +Mink Subliminals She was making a joke

    • Ashley Sutton-Daniels says:

      ?????? Don’t mess it up

    • FramesPerSecond says:

      Mink Subliminals Heath literally had a thumbnail making a joke about proposing. They both make jokes about it.

  11. Devin Tolkinen says:

    Health: I’m the best cook
    Mariah: No one cooks in the vlog squad.
    Kristin’s channel is cooking

  12. sarah mac says:

    “Cooking studio”
    “a restaurant?”

  13. KT says:

    Why is the color scheme in this video so aesthetically pleasing? We stan.

  14. city's finest says:

    Why is Mariah fucking hilarious? Had me dying the whole time

  15. Grace says:

    Heath: I’m the only one who cooks
    *cues to Kristen’s cooking show

  16. Marina K. says:


  17. Jessica Nicole says:

    “What do you wanna be when you grow up”
    “Mentally stable”

    Zane is a whole ass mood lmfao

  18. Christina Gabriel says:

    Heath: I’m the only one who cooks!!!
    Kristen: am I a joke to you

  19. Brenda R says:

    Mariah’s Jokes and editing are always on point. ?

    “Give us juicy ones… what’s your favorite juice?” ???

  20. Mishi Moo says:

    Mariah’s comebacks are so quick. Like damn. She takes what you give her and she goes without a thought. I need a YouTube channel STAT.

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