We Meet DJ Khaled

We Meet DJ Khaled

We won a trip from HOT97 to meet DJ Khaled! Our time with him was limited, but we did our best to get footage, here are the results!

Big thanks to HOT97 and DJ Khaled and his crew!

Watch the Reaction Video Playlist –► https://goo.gl/QUHWA6

Hila’s Twitter…………..►https://twitter.com/hilakleinh3
Ethan’s Twitter……….►https://twitter.com/h3h3productions
Hila’s Instragram….►https://www.instagram.com/kleinhila
Hila’s Art………………..►http://hilaklein.com

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20 Responses

  1. TheBenzooh says:

    What a rush…

  2. Ryan Lok says:

    I thought you’d never get to see him

  3. Jesus kun says:

    so proud of you Ethan! keep it up!

  4. Monado Master (The Master of the Punado) says:

    You didn’t catch him though.

  5. Ranger77 says:

    I would kill if I could meet DJ

  6. ktgage says:

    apart of me felt scared for their lives for some reason idk why

  7. Trolly Cart says:

    Wow, you met a washed up nobody, and infected the internet with actual
    waste caught on film.

    It’s faggots like this that cause black lives to not matter, because they
    really just fucking don’t. This chimp could get wasted tomorrow, and nobody
    would even remember that he ever existed in less than a week.

    Fucking awful, pathetic, scum of the earth nigger, along with all his waste
    of flesh hood rat “fans”.

    Just absolute fucking trash.

  8. Loopy Sargeant says:


  9. Robin Birdperson says:

    It finally happened

  10. Teach'sCabin says:

    3:34 Is that Kyle fucking Gass?

  11. oscar bainbridge says:

    I think he’s self aware. I think the living meme is an act

  12. Tony HorrorShow says:

    Jaunzemis bless you guys finally fucking did it!

  13. DefiantDeer13th says:

    looks like Ethan caught another one.

  14. Jeremy Barbe says:

    why dont you guys get a stabilization stick for your phone? You newbs

  15. LordKaiku says:

    dj khaled isn’t that bad of a guy, he’s just not too smart lol

  16. DesHis says:

    why is everyone saying this is cringe? I didn’t cringe at all

  17. McBobtheruggaman says:

    As stupid as Khaled seems, he is obviously such a genuine and kind person.
    That’s probably what his success comes from.

  18. Jack Bruce says:

    Ethan is it really you who posted the links for subscriber gifts or are the
    bots impersonating you like they impersonated pewdiepie in your video about

  19. Victor Acosta says:

    How isn’t H3H3 blowing the fuck up

  20. bhord2010 says:

    Dub? Is that English? Oh, sorry, as the video keeps playing I realize it’s
    Ebnoics. I really am not fluent in that.