We Need To Talk About Mollie Tibbetts And The Chris Watts Case…

We Need To Talk About Mollie Tibbetts And The Chris Watts Case…

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100 Responses

  1. purpandorange says:

    Citizens are already here, there is nothing that can be done about it, but every murder committed by an illegal could have been avoided if we properly enforced our laws so the “one person’s action doesn’t reflect a whole group of people” isn’t a valid argument here. Mollie Tibbett’s murder should absolutely be a reason to enforce our immigration laws and protect the border.

    • HybridXg says:

      Steve Smith, no it’s not who cares if it is the second ammendment something has to be done about it if you stick to old rules and never change you aren’t going far in this world

    • [Redacted] says:

      +S. Bull at least say what you looked up exactly cause im getting the opposite actually that illegals cause less crimes… though that isn’t an excuse to allow illegals

      People are always going to come here illegally we can curb it, but saying we could have stopped this murder with better laws is pure speculation just like better gun laws probably wouldn’t stop all school shooters

      Just hold those who steal and commit crimes accountable and if someone is illegal but hasn’t done shit like steal, drugs, etc. Then they should be helped get citizenship, not everyone comes here to commit crime, most come to leave a shithole

    • HybridXg says:

      Ellie, if you are an independent then you should have better views than look at how stupid this side is and instead try and make something better out of their argument

    • armenian6000 says:


    • HybridXg says:

      S. Bull Well I certainly don’t want no publication on a murder but what I don’t want is a debate on “Oh this could be stopped if we just deported all illegal immigrants”, yea and crimes would all be stopped if we just all died. Also, how about going for the people who actually think about that stupid shit instead of targetting a whole damn party.

  2. Ty James says:

    It was kind of obvious during his interviews with the media that he did it.
    He was cold, emotionless, and showed no fear for his families safety.
    If my wife and kids were missing and I didn’t do it, you better believe I would be distraught, I would be flipping out. I wouldn’t just be sitting there all nonchalant about everything.
    Believe me I wanted to believe he wasn’t guilty, but it was obvious.
    This also wouldn’t be the first time a victim is blamed in a situation where they cannot defend themselves. The fact that he is dragging her legacy through the mud by making her out to be a killer just like him shows his lack of empathy for her, and shows how little accountability he is willing to take for his own actions.
    Truly sad.
    I hope her family gets some Justice in this situation.

    • Ty James says:

      +Amarinth Stargazer Exactly. He looked like he felt nothing.
      I have heard some reports that the kids were with him and they may have been murdered and hidden before the mom even came home.
      I’m not sure how true that is, but that alone is just horrifying. Like you said though, we will probably never know the truth.
      It’s a very sad case.
      I hope her family finds some peace someday.

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      Ty James people react differently and some would be kinda cold about it, but his eyes gave it away. Their eyes are usually empty. His eyes weren’t empty; they were unfeeling.

    • Stetson Graham says:

      Man this whole thread is retarded like you can’t tell if somebody is a murderer from their eyes wtf

    • Ty James says:

      +Stetson Graham
      It wasn’t his eyes.
      It was how calm he was while he was speaking with the media.
      As I said before anybody who’s family was actually missing would be freaking out, I think it’s only natural to react in a frantic manner in a situation like that.
      And like I said I really didn’t want to believe he did it, but there was something off about how he was reacting to the whole thing.
      If my girlfriend walked away while we were fighting and I didn’t hear from her, I would be concerned I would be an emotional mess.
      But that is just my opinion.

    • jessy beebe says:

      Not to mention his story was fishy and the detail about the bedsheets seemed suspicious. Also I’ve shown more compassion when burying my dead dog than that guy did “disposing” of his family. Most definitely killed them all.

  3. urmaker says:

    My thought on the video. Shoot both those douche nozzles in the face.

  4. UnfairReviews (Video Game Reviews) says:

    Making the E-Verify system mandatory for all employers would solve the majority of the illegal immigration issue, and make it a lot easier for our enforcement agencies to sweep up the remaining smugglers and gang members that aren’t trying to get gainful employment.

    I know first hand how big of a problem companies are that like to employ illegals for lower wages, yet they have plausible deniability because most of these people have fake documents, and as long as they look real that’s all the employer needs. The employee can actually come back later with new real documents in an entirely different name, and the employer can’t fire them for lying or providing fraudulent documents. Mandatory E-Verify would stop those games and make everyone play by the rules.

    • David Hanson says:

      “Making the E-Verify system mandatory for all employers would solve the majority of the illegal immigration issue, and make it a lot easier for our enforcement agencies to sweep up the remaining smugglers and gang members that aren’t trying to get gainful employment.”

      Run that one by me again?

      If they’re NOT looking for gainful employment, they’d never get run through the system. The ones that would take the heat are the ones that ARE trying work an actual job.
      It sounds like one of those dodges that would let an agency increase their arrest numbers-and their budget justifications-while having a negligible real-world effect on crime. (i.e., the DEA targeting doctors with a lot of chronic pain patients for “investigation”)

    • 16rapture says:

      +David Hanson dumb. Obviously e-verify would be a small part of it, next is IDs for welfare recipients and removing sanctuary city laws. If you can’t work, you can’t get welfare and you turn to crime you will be eventually arrested and deported. Sounds pretty legit to me.

    • jesus barrera says:

      sanctury cities are safer since the illegal immigrants have no fear of being deported and work with the government to rat out the illegals comitting crime

  5. Fungus Chamber says:

    A set of crazies, both documented and undocumented, both good reasons to carry some form of protection.

  6. Just Some Guy with Sunglasses says:

    Republicans: “Don’t politicize deaths in school shootings!”

    Also Republicans: “Let’s politicize murders by Illegal immigrants.”

    Either all of it is okay or none of it okay. If you have a problem with either, reevaluate yourself.

    • [Redacted] says:

      +Just Some Guy with Sunglasses your statement about “cause Republicans are in power” is dumb and you should feel dumb cause both sides are shit and should be held accountable for what each one does not just the one in power

    • Passive Gas says:

      TechnicalHotDog the percentage of illegals that commit a crime is 100%…illegal immigrants is a crime

    • armenian6000 says:

      No shit it shouldn’t have fucking happened at all

    • Burlap jack says:

      Both republicans and democrats can be shit, there problem solved

    • xxfirework59xx says:

      Thought Criminal that stat is completely false, it’s about 20% of legal gun owners will commit crimes with their weapons. Illegal immigrants are almost half as likely to commit a crime compared to citizens. I guess that’s a ‘special right’ that citizens hold??? Committing crimes? I can understand concern about illegal immigrants committing crimes (though I find it misinformed most of the time) but get your statistics correct before you spew nonsense

  7. Kendra T says:

    *whispers* all illegal immigrants are breaking the law.

    • D-ick andRoses says:

      Rex9399 I’m not a leftist but I’m also not a rightist. I’m just point out flaws in both argument. But it’s okay cause ya righties are just like the lefties. You have no valid argument so you start to call others names and completely disregard their argument because your feelings are more important than facts. Have a great life. Hope you don’t shoot anyone with your obvious quick to anger issues 🙂

    • Skyrim Guard says:

      Your point?

    • Skyrim Guard says:

      Karthik do you have any evidence or citations to support literally anything you said?

    • No One says:

      “Dehumanizing “ , only humans can be illegal. The fact that this person was an illegal has nothing to do with the crime. Sociopathy is a political. I don’t think any reasonable intelligent person would argue that without having an agenda.

    • jesus barrera says:

      Karthik Nair
      yet you gave no source to back up your BULLSHIT

  8. Carlos Gomez says:

    “Nation”? Did you just assume my sovereignty?

  9. Samuel Tillman says:

    Kind of upset that you didn’t include Mollie’s FAMILY response that they hate the politicizing of her death and how it casts a broad stroke against illegals. The argument Fox News is painting is so disgusting.

    • Nick Miller says:

      +Sahasrahla Yet she was killed by a non-white man, thus disproving the fairytale held by liberals that only the white man commits evil.

    • Lost Train of Thoughts says:

      Please, there’s nothing smart about thinking this has to do with immigration. You’re talking about an outlier situation, everyone wants to act like she couldn’t have been murdered otherwise. As if some American born dude didn’t just murder his wife and children. Let’s stop pretending it’s facts with the “right” side, you only care about “preventing” crime when the person is brown.

    • Alex says:

      Peter Brown  You literally just equated monitored immigration to nuclear genocide. Bet you feel virtuously tolerant as hell about it too, fuckwit. lol

    • Asas says:

      Mollie herself probably wouldn’t want it politicized the way it has been either (since apparently her twitter was full of I hate white men posts so its kinda safe to assume she was pro immigration), but sometimes things happen the way you want them to or not, and this is definitely one of those cases. Democrats are supporting a cause that is literally killing our people. The biggest BS defense I’ve been reading all day is you’re stereotyping illegals blah blah blah “they’re not all bad”. Just a reminder, they’re all felons for even being here in the first place which makes them all bad people. Bad people do bad things. Surprising huh.

    • Rberg1105 says:

      Lost Train of Thoughts it isn’t an outlier situation. Illegal immigrants commit far more crime than legal citizens.

  10. Cats says:

    Mollie Tibbetts’s family has publicly stated that they deny permission for anyone to use her name or case in any way against immigration/immigrants/for politics aligning with Trump’s ideologies. Should you come across anyone who does so, please tell them so. If a public official does so, they’re acting against the law and must be pressured to remove all content and apologize.

  11. jxsilicon9 says:

    He wanted to rape her but she fought back. And that makes rapists angry.

  12. jonathan camarena says:

    Is illegal immigration a problem ? sure. But why act like thats the reason Mollie is dead? This was an unstable individual that does not represent undocumented immigrants just like not every white pedophile represents white people or not every school shooter represents white people… see what i did there? why does race or cultural background(or status) have to play a part in this (politicized bullshit). Really grinds me down to the core knowing that they will milk it for all that they can and idiots with a predisposed biases are going to feed on it.

    • Bryan Lutz says:

      +jonathan camarena yes you are true but how can you act like if the laws were more strict on immigration he might have not been in this country

    • Vinh Sama says:

      If he really is an illegal immigrant as it’s been stated, then that would be the reason why Mollie is dead. There’s nothing you can do about nutcases in your own country, but there is something you can do about nutcases that do not belong in your country (by law). Race, cultural background, et cetera have nothing to do with it. Your status as a citizen is what’s relevant. Might as well say the same thing about gun violence. Crazy people will find a way to vent out, so why do people argue for more gun control? Because they feel that more laws could’ve prevented some shootings. And in this case, people are politicizing it because they feel more laws could’ve prevented it. I’m fine with politicizing both cases because shocking and horrifying crimes should be talked about in a political way, and serious discussions should be made instead of throwing your hands up in the air and saying “there’s nothing we can do”. If you’re against that that’s also fine, but you should be against that in all cases otherwise that’d be hypocrisy.

    • Klint Karas says:

      you cannot deny the fact if he had not been here illegally that girl would be alive. Notice how when online people act like “no one knows who I am so i can be a shit lord!”(not all but some) imagine having that irl… “The gov and police have no record of me… I can get away easier!” Boom you have this situation…

    • badtolz2122 says:

      jonathan camarena yes. It’s the person. Not the status or the gun. Can’t have it both ways. It can’t be all about the guns but not citizenship status… Or about status and never mind the guns.

    • jesus barrera says:

      do you have a source for your bullshit statistics?

  13. Zoe A says:

    The second story isn’t an issue about immigration… it’s literally another story of a man murdering a woman because of rejection…

    • TaylorTalksWrestling says:

      Sahasrahla Except he probably wouldn’t have put the time or effort to come here legally because he is clearly a piece of shit. So your argument is invalid

    • Minskhy Roger says:

      No it isn’t it’s bad people killing innocent people

    • Biz10 says:

      Snow Rose 9/10!? I need too some sources.

    • Unknown Unknown says:

      Oh great another women saying it is all mens fault for tragedies that have happened. Seriously manhaters should move to Saudi Arabia then you can see what a real patriarchal rape culture looks like. People are responsible for their own actions and their actions alone people need to stop making excuses for these evil piece of shit scum bags. Saying it is all mens fault for these tragedies is like me saying all women are sadistic psychopathic and evil because of that case that happened in the 1960s where that woman tortured a 16 year old girl to death.

    • harrison duncan says:

      Snow Rose wtf 90% of women are raped in Mexico where did you get your stats

  14. Lauren Sie says:

    Usually true crime stories don’t hit me like this but the mollie tibbetts story had me sobbing… as a fellow young female university student who also loves to run, that could have been ME. The most senseless crime.

    • Jeff Peng says:

      This is why I’ve been taking my gf to boxing classes, it’s a great work out for us which is how I convinced her but really if you want to be safe you can’t change those around you, but you can change yourself. Don’t be an easy target, make them regret an attempt

    • James says:

      milkyway did you stop reading the comment at “gun”?

    • Khawaja Moinuddin says:

      Carry a pocket knife or pepper spray be safe.

    • Hannah Niemczyk says:

      Why should we have to carry any type of weapon to jog? Why can’t people not rape?

    • Khawaja Moinuddin says:

      Hannah Niemczyk everyone would love that but the world isn’t like that sorry. You have to adjust and keep yourself safe at all times.

  15. Daniel says:

    Dude murdered her because of who he is. Yet the government wants to blame it on where he’s from.

    • meme says:

      Are you going to argue that she wouldn’t be alive today even if he didn’t come here illegally? Because that is objectively false. He is the only reason she’s dead. If we were as harsh on immigration as Canada is, she would still be alive right now.

  16. Christopher Bullard says:

    Phil you gotta start calling this the morning show of depression and anger

  17. Lizabeth Werner says:

    Mollie is NOT a political chess piece, and everyone putting some bullshit conservative spin on her murder needs to realize that. This isn’t about immigration. This is about the violence against Mollie. This is about the violence against women. She wouldn’t want to be made into political propaganda.

    She was murdered by an evil person. Not because of race or immigration.
    By making it about politics people are belittling her and her story.

    • Lizabeth Werner says:

      +Klint Karas I’m sorry, how do you know Mollie? How are you emotionally linked to her story?

      I’m telling people the story needs to be about HER. NOT HIS FUCKING IMMIGRATION STATUS.

    • Lizabeth Werner says:

      +Klint Karas I’m not pushing any political sides, im telling the story of someone I knew getting murdered for telling a man no.
      Because that’s what happened and that’s what needs to be addressed.

      It just so happened that in this case he was undocumented. That shouldn’t distract from Mollie or her story.

    • Nick Miller says:

      Why do you liberals insist on remaining quiet when “minorities” commit murder but riot when a white man shoots up his school? You idiots already made this about politics. Either the law applies to everyone or none at all. Quit screaming racism and sexism just because you’re weak-minded and dumb.

    • Evan Berretta says:

      Why do you assume he killed her cause he was “rejected”? She said she was gonna call the police, so maybe he was just scared of being found out as an illegal and being deported? Try to see the logic of the situation instead of following your own narrow way of thinking.

      Either way, no motive has officially been given, so you can’t prove anything. But what the honest fuck is the point of turning this into a statement about women? You sound like one of those feminazis who’s convinced herself that she’s being “oppressed” by everyone and wants to paint women as the penultimate victims. You say not to politicize Mollie’s death, and then you go and politicize it. Great job there.

    • Unhinged savagE says:

      Actually it is about immigration this time. Think about it, if you are in a room with two people and one of them is supposed to be in the room and the other one is not supposed to be there. Lets say they both want to kill you, do you have a better chance of surviving with one or two? People who argue that there are killers in the US and dismiss the fact that there are killers outside the US are stupid. Add those outside numbers to the inside and you have a higher amount of killers. Its simple math and stats. Also immigration does not equal race, you can be illegal in any race or color. To add fuel to the fire is just plain dumb for those who think this is not an immigration issue.

  18. Mark Nutt says:

    It’s a shame about mollie poor baby deserves better than what she got.

  19. Hannah Medvene says:

    To me it’s slightly ironic at the change of positions in terms of immigrant violence compared to gun tragedies. When school shootings took place and democrats called for gun laws and the republicans accused them of politicizing a tragedy. When an illegal immigrant was charged with murder and the republicans called for stricter laws the democrats accused them of politicizing the issue. I just find it interesting

  20. Amy Megan says:

    Conservatives mock feminists who speak out against the harassment they have encounter when out for walks, runs, ect. That street harassment culture is why Mollie was murdered. She turned down a guy and his ego couldn’t take it, so he snapped and killed her! He didn’t kill her because he’s an evil alien who hates Americans, he did it because he was an entitled man. We need to be talking about violence against women and street harassment. Mollie is just the latest victim in a long line of women who said “No”.

    • Azathoth43 says:

      Gee zus, Get over yourself.

    • Kelvin gaston says:

      Alot of men are entitled, doesn’t mean they’re going to kill someone because they get rejected, i’m pretty entitled and my general response would be to laugh and shake it off, not kill someone lol, this dude was just crazy, got nothing to do with your ” street harrassment culture ” bs, if it were, bitches would be getting snapped all day on the street.

    • Amy Megan says:

      Then, you’re not entitled. Unfortunately, there are a lot of men who are so entitled they kill. What happened to Mollie is sadly all too common.

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      This wasn’t anything to do with American culture (although that shit is still wrong). This was a nutcase who shouldn’t have been here who snapped. He was an incel.

    • Tommy Pwood says:

      its unbeleeeevable how the libtards turn this into politics and bend themselves into a pretzel trying to makes excuses for illegal immigration..uncanny btw Sweden has had about enough of it will probably vote hard right this rime!!!

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