We NEVER expected NVIDIA to allow this…

We NEVER expected NVIDIA to allow this…

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69 Responses

  1. Joe C says:

    I am watching this video in 360p on a 4k monitor right now. With 8.294.400 pixels I could fit that 230.400 pixel large video 36 times on that monitor in full resolution.

  2. EQUINOX says:

    Honestly when i see this I do not see Nvidia being the good guy, no what I see is a company cought with its pants down that for years has been saying that Gsync only works on Gsync and is in no way compatible with freesync, yet as we all know now it recently came to light that the cards are indeed are and have always been compatible but my guess is it has always been blocked at the driver level and this is evident by the fact that they are now unlocking the feature at the driver level. As for the certification it is clear that this is going to be a pay to be certified and be optimized in the driver, they do a few monitors for free so manufacturers get the idea and most if not all will want that certified badge and Nvidia sure as hell are not going to do it for free

    • 8102 dniweR ebuTuoY says:

      yea, but that gives an option for GeForce users to not pay for the gsync module monitors, they basically bribe everyone to forget what they did

    • 8102 dniweR ebuTuoY says:

      and probably im going to take advantage of it as well

    • EQUINOX says:

      +AlreadyBorn The point flew right over your head, we all know company’s are trying to make money and if you really think there is no good/ bad guy in business then you really do not know anything at all as there are absolutely company’s out to make money but respect customers and then there are company’s that are out to make money at all cost even if it means lying to the customers ( this would be the bad guy ) and these are the ones that throw be happy candy at the masses when they get found out.

    • Shoop says:

      Your comment needs to be upvoted ad infinitum. Also what Linus should’ve said was not Nvidia trying to take a USP away from AMD, but that Nvidia is admitting that G-Sync is a failure in terms of adoption rate, despite their graphics card market share, that Intel is on board now with VESA Adaptive Sync (Icelake will have VRR support)(so Nvidia wants to look benevolent by cutting ahead of Intel in supporting the standard), 99% of the TVs that will support VRR will use FreeSync/HDMI 2.1 VRR and not G-Sync, compounded by the fact that the PS and Xbox will only support FreeSync/HDMI 2.1 VRR and not in a million years G-Sync (maybe the successor to the Switch, considering it has got Nvidia inside, but good luck getting the Nintendo audience to pay for G-Sync displays — not that a successor is to appear any time soon, as Nintendo has just stated that they aren’t working on one).

      Also Nvidia has got the Shield TV, which is their push into the living room. It’s an essential device to GeForce Now if it wants to take away serious revenue from AMD in the living room. And for that, the Shield TV will need VRR as well in order to compete with the PS and Xbox, which can’t be through G-Sync.

      G-Sync has been one of the stupidest business decisions Nvidia has done in a long while. They should’ve just do what they do now which Intel has been doing for years with ultrabooks: you wave a certification label to OEMs which means free marketing, if said OEMs build good products in return. That’s all. We didn’t need a proprietary vendor locking in hardware module for that.

    • EQUINOX says:

      +8102 dniweR ebuTuoY I agree it is a good thing that I also will take advantage of, It just should not have taken some random person tricking drivers to prove that it works with Freesync after years of Nvidia saying it will not work before saying they are going to unlock it at the driver level, if that person had not done what they did I do not think we would be at this point as they are only doing it now because they got found out.

  3. Will L says:

    Good video. Thanks for calling out Nvidia on it’s BS marketing of doing this to help the world shit. It’s clearly a decision to keep /get back consumers like myself that were going to switch to AMD for freesync. Now Im likely to stay with Nvidia.

    • Kevin Ang says:

      +Spencer Hurst 5:12 is where linus said on camera its marketing BS and he also said AMD gives a better experience, when done well, without the g-sync tax.

    • XTRaptor says:

      Kevin Ang it actually sounds like he’s taking about variable refresh rates not AMD specifically

    • sl1g says:

      +Spencer Hurst I dont care.. its a DisplayPort standart no reason not to support it.. They should have done this from the beginning: “high” end gsync with module and simple VRR to everyone else.

    • Jesse Hill says:

      Smart move by Nvidia. Looks like my next GPU may be the 2060. I was holding out for something from AMD and there release today was really disappointing. I expect AMD will be losing what little market share they had left in 2019. They really needed Navi before some top end card trying to compete with Nvidia top end and it doesn’t even do that. AMD was always about a better midrange card and more features for your money. With this move from Nvidia now supporting all the features AMD does and a strong mid range with the 2060 and soon to be released 11 series this will be my first Nvidia card in about 10 years but AMD just doesn’t have anything to offer to compete now in terms of performance and now features.

    • Kevin Ang says:

      +XTRaptor 5:10 ” one of the key reasons, users turn to AMD graphic cards”.

  4. Adam Wallis says:

    nvidia have finally found a way to stop linus exposing their secrets

  5. Sntx _ says:


    And the Video is about monitors

  6. ateaparrot says:

    To be honest this isn’t even really clickbait; If you have been watching WAN show for a year or two you’d know that Linus is genuinely excited about the de-propietification of monitor technology 😛

  7. ChrisH2O says:

    we get it the video isn’t working at 720p stop writing comments about that

  8. Tim Worsley says:

    Looks like they didn’t allow it afterall

  9. Zakk Potter says:

    To unlock this video please watch in 360p. 😉


    Sorry, you need a RTX titan to view this video in 720p

    • Clayton Does Hiding From The World says:

      +xFrostx xWolfx your argument that they can use 1080p on their phone because it is smaller is retarded. The screen being smaller makes 1080p look better because the pixels are denser. It does not mean anything else can 0lay the video at 1080p.

    • xFrostx xWolfx says:

      +Clayton Does Hiding From The World i dont know stuff about phones i was just guessing that thats it but ur right my bad
      PS im not very good with phones.

    • LukeAK says:

      +xFrostx xWolfx dont say sorry this kid is a skid

    • Don't mind me not having a background says:

      Thanks for copying my comment. Also guys stop fighting. A couple of hours before, the video was only available in 720p, 360p and 144p and 720p failed to compress so it didn’t work for anyone.

    • smnsdndn dhs says:

      +Jacob Brinton I bring my PC, monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse into bed to watch youtube

  11. 1000 subs with no black children says:

    Watching this on a 4k monitor is utter pain lmao

  12. Radu Grosu says:

    that samsung thing is SAVAGE

  13. Vaisero says:

    i mean, you have to give it to Linus media group, they are pretty much the best produced and best made channel on youtube, and even on tv as a whole (and internet).

    • Mr. Scram says:

      +TheClassyGamer Playz It’s not on my end. Videos from other channels don’t tend to have the same issues.

    • jshowa o says:

      Only if you want surface level stuff. Level1Tech and GamersNexus are far better.
      But they do produce great content most of the time.

    • Mohamed Alhosani says:

      +Top Dawg MKBHD way of presenting is different and personally I think he is not better.

    • liveepically says:

      except for the whole “screw everyones 16:9 aspect ratio, squint at our content through letterbox” attitude.

    • smnsdndn dhs says:

      +Top Dawg bruh best produced?? There are no series like scrapyard wars, or build guides, or gigantic sponsorships. He’s a 2-3 man channel, Linus has 4-5 million sub channels and probably like 10 above 100k. Employs like 10-15 ppl too

  14. wtfitsaduck ._. says:

    G-sync on freesync monitors? The world is ending

  15. Nicola Worthington says:

    My God the lighting in this video makes you look like a zombie Linus. I hope it’s just the lighting and you’re not dying! 🙂

  16. 60FpsGoodness says:

    RTX only? or 1000 series as well?

  17. AmadeusL says:

    Linus’ balls are so large he’ll call out NVidia in their own booth. Next year. Linus will walk up on stage Kayne style and calls them out right there. ALSO Linus’ dropping power has become super natural.

  18. hed420 says:

    6:32 Linus is evolving! He’s learning how to drop things from across the room using his mind. The dropping force is strong with this one.

    • meta system says:

      I love how the guy offscreen suspected him, and Linus instantly started defending himself. Lucky he had proof on tape or he would’ve been outta there.

  19. Payne Hoss says:

    linus has gotten so good at dropping things he doesn’t even need to be near it to drop it.

  20. Lil, Charmander says:

    I remember when Youtubes Trending was full with awesome random vids from reg. People
    Now… all youtubers …the same ones too!!! ?

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