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We got five guys to eat five guys at five guys burger and fries. Come on our journey as we explore the entire menu in one sitting. Let’s be honest, someone needed to do it.


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79 Responses

  1. HellthyJunkFood says:

    Where to next?

  2. Sun Wolf says:

    Can y’all do a giant hot pocket?

    • jps121 says:

      Sun Wolf I’m not trying to be a smartass at all 🙂 but you know that they are basically the same exact thing, the shape of a calzone might be off by just a little tiny bit but a calzone is just a big pizza hot pocket.

    • jps121 says:

      Google calzone for me and go to the image page and tell me that isn’t basically what you’re talking about lol

    • SinOfDisaster says:

      @jps121 it’s like the fight between a Burrito and a Chimichanga. Virtually the same thing except one is deep fried.

    • jps121 says:

      True but I would say even closer cause its same dough same toppings and both baked lol…I’m just nitpicking for no reason at this point

    • SinOfDisaster says:

      Oh I know. I do the same thing for random reasons. I would always go for a calzone first before a hot pocket which I don’t understand. Might be because a Calzone is big enough to more ingredients into it. Think the last time I had a hot pocket it was a meatball one and it came with like 3 small ass meatballs and sauce. Which kinda made me say Fuck hot pockets.

  3. Sam Holmes says:

    How u peeing today

  4. Texas Penguin says:

    Make a giant spicy chicken sandwich and make JP sweat please

  5. a elkasir says:

    I’m not sure if you went here but do KFC next If you haven’t yet

  6. Gunmans Gaming says:

    I promise to like this comment

    You promised

  7. Wyatt The English Lab says:

    I watch all your videos at like midnight because im starving lol, and my bday is tomorrow!!

  8. •kennedy a• says:

    who else loves five guys??

  9. Sasha S says:

    John Guy, Guy Guy, Peter Guy and Francis Guy…..Sounds legit 😂😂😂

  10. Tony A says:

    So many innuendos, I only got 4 words for ya! “That’s what she said!”

  11. Sauce Stache says:

    I would have loved the Veggie Sandwich!!

  12. Lily a says:

    I felt bad for Julia in this episode.

    • Lily a says:

      +I Like Chicken Dude Being stared at while eating a hotdog is already uncomfortable, but four of your friends and your partner cracking jokes and sexualizing it is a completely different type of uncomfortable. I understand the jokes, like if I was with my friends we’d be acting like this; but she just seemed genuinely uncomfortable towards the last few minutes of this video and they weren’t catching on and continued to behave like they were. Of course, I could be interpreting this incorrectly– but I just want her to feel safe around her friends yknow??

    • James Johnson says:

      Yeah they even made me feel uncomfortable

    • mrguy561 says:

      Lily a She’s hanging with friends. Why would she feel unsafe?

    • Osman Yavuz says:

      Ye straight disrespect to jp

    • Itz M says:

      Yes same, ik they’re joking but it’s not funny to me ;-;

  13. Peach Please Drink Çay And Clam Down. says:

    For every *LIKE* will i put an 🐧 more.


  14. Aiden Sonnenberg says:

    Julia goolia makes a good guy

  15. biggybtoussaint says:

    2:07 “I would do Six Guys right now, that’s how much I like this!” 🤔🤔 hmmm there’s something oddly strange about this comment but I just can’t quite put my finger on it!!!

  16. Keoni Bird says:

    This video is hilarious! I gotta watch this again while eating Five Guy’s, that way I can feel like I am part of the gang!

  17. Jeff Spaulding says:

    I rate this video 5+ guys!

  18. HellthyJunkFood says:

    Did anyone get a count on the amount of innuendos?

  19. Sara You says:

    I worked there for years and I can tell you it’s all fresh and takes hours a day to prep. Also I want to add that the buns are specially made for Five Guys. Also the best way to eat a veggie is with cheese and add bacon, ask them to grill the green peppers on the actual grill and add grilled jalapeños. I promise it’s the best this way and I usually remove the damn tomatoes.

    • Checks like Nike says:

      That’s exactly how I do mine but I get the bun grilled like a grilled cheese

    • Christian Johns says:

      Veggie burger with bacon??

    • Earthquakeville says:

      Yeah, that’s not a thing, but I’m sure it’s better than what they had lol

    • Sara You says:

      Earthquakeville you just ask to add bacon, I worked there I know what I’m taking about.

    • Sara You says:

      DeBoss I can tell you exactly how we make and fry our fries if you want to do it at home with different oil. They’ll taste a little different but not much. Basically after cutting them (we use a hand fry cutter) you wash them several times in cold water to get the starch off, usually you can tell that most of the starch is off when the water is clear. After that they should be a little dry before going into the oil clearly, put them in the oil till they just barely change color, and I mean barely! Wait about two minutes to let them cool off and then put them back in the oil till they are fried enough that when you shake them they sound like a bag of chips and then just add salt or whatever. This is how I learned it and how it was taught where I worked and is easy to do at home as well. I hope this helps you in your quest for Five Guys style fries! (Also we use just plain old Russet potatoes from either Idaho or Washington).

  20. Adam Murray says:

    This was SO much fun! Thanks for letting me be apart of it!

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