We Tried The Ariana Stool Sitting Challenge

We Tried The Ariana Stool Sitting Challenge

“Are we sure this isn’t photoshopped?”

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I’ve done the research and there’s no way her ass is on that stool

Granted I'm not wearing heels #arianagrande

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myth plausible

Z100’s Jingle Ball 2016 – SHOW
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Ariana Grande, My Everything/ Republic Records

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20 Responses

  1. Niki D says:

    I think the original stool looks like it’s cushioned and upholstered, giving her the illusion of sitting back farther than she is.

  2. Abigail Melo says:

    I thought he said “ i was born two sundays ago”

  3. tiana says:

    I’ve seen a tweet with the actual stool they used and it’s longer in the back. So she could sit on it

  4. Chicken Tops says:

    I honestly think, Ariana was half on the stool and half on another small green chair that was supporting her back, so therefore she was photoshopped

  5. Stevonnie Uniswaran says:

    “I’m so sweaty and alone!”

  6. Marzena Leyden says:

    0:29 he said “I was bored two sundays ago” but did anyone else hear him say “I was born two sundays ago”? 😂

  7. KitKat02 says:

    W H A T S T H I S M A N
    D O I N G O N M Y
    S C R E E N

  8. Mala Young says:

    The way Kristin is sitting on that stool is everything I need in life.

  9. Jiro Turgeon says:

    the stools edge was rounded, white, and probably had a light shining on it so i don’t think she took up as little of that stool as every one else

  10. Tricia Henry says:

    “am I doing it? …am I doing it?”

  11. Alexandra Riabova says:

    this should be a try not to laugh challenge

  12. rachel luna says:

    Probably made an oversize stool for ariana. To make her look even tinier and make it easier.

  13. iiObstaclesii says:

    Jen wearing white heels with gray socks is truly a iconic look

  14. MLB_2O17 : l says:

    How cool would it be if Ariana Grande actually commented on this video?!

  15. mikhail white says:

    we should have ariana re create it

  16. Sequin Friends shine says:

    You should try being a vegetarian for a week or a month

  17. Spencer N says:

    https://youtu.be/0djPoH0qlUA they dropped the new iPhone X!

  18. Catwow says:

    Jen is such a humanitarian, feeding the land whales.

  19. jule c: says:

    that guy looks so attractive

  20. FaZe WiteBoi says:

    Suprised that the whale didn’t break the stool.

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