We Wore The Same Underwear For A Week

We Wore The Same Underwear For A Week

“Do you smell my vagina?”

Credits: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/18578

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20 Responses

  1. Cassidy Mullins says:

    i have a LOT of discharge, just reading the title made me VERY VERY nervous.

  2. Raissa Sopoye says:

    “Do you smell my vagina? Cause I do.”

  3. Madison Lee says:

    For discharge, why not just use panty liners…?

  4. jiangjiangman bbongbbong says:

    “why are we still here…
    just to suffer…” well maybe pewdiepie really did take over buzz feed

  5. Danna Duz says:

    I would of cheated and wore liners

  6. Daydreamer X says:

    All I could think about was discharge and sweat.

  7. Sidity Nat says:

    I hate when I get my period and my good underwear gets stained and then they oxidize and I can’t remove the stains.

  8. G says:

    This whole idea is making me so anxious. I couldn’t even imagine doing this. Vaginal fluid is never ending . :/

  9. brie marie says:

    i am a nudest in my home so i save alot of money on underwear and clothes cuz i only wear clothes when i leave my house and i barely leave my house lol

  10. Keala Choy says:

    Whoever edited this is a meme god and I’m happy about it

  11. Lmaut Chum says:

    who said EW before they played the video? lmao😂

  12. Tessa Debruyne says:

    pretty sure pewdiepie edited this video..

  13. Semi Pusheen says:

    Me: *Puts down chips and chocolate milk*
    Me: Heck no

  14. Alex Le says:

    wait…why not hand wash at the end of the day if it was so bad?

  15. Kelly Tromans says:

    Just because it kills the bacteria doesn’t mean it gets rid of the actual stains and discharge. That shit gets damp and uncomfortable

  16. EchoASMR says:

    Messy Shoppers Work Retail for the First Time. someone please make this video

  17. Ti Co says:

    What’s the point, nobody wants to have a shower and put dirty underwear back on 😷

  18. Nonna Echavez says:

    these things are not meant to be used for 7 days straight without washing that’s why it’s not working

  19. ckammm says:

    Next video: ladylike has to drink cranberry juice for a week

  20. browneyedfairy says:

    Idk i felt this sense of happiness hearing them talk about vaginal odor and discharge…I feel like women are girls are taught to never ever talk about our vaginas, yet men talk about their dicks and balls 24/7. I want more content like this! We shouldn’t feel ashamed about our vaginas…they’re beautiful and strong <3

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