Weekend Update on Russian Hacking – SNL

Weekend Update on Russian Hacking – SNL

Olya Povlatsky (Kate McKinnon) stops by to discuss Russia’s love of hacking. Plus, Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che reveal which is the best place to live for young girls and Laura Parsons (Vanessa Bayer) stops by.

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20 Responses

  1. Sam Terry says:

    No one has finished watching this video yet

  2. Kebelung Dengerenger says:

    Is this old?

  3. The Shadow Man says:

    The so called US comedy programs dragging Russia in it every episode, how desperate

  4. Ocean Diver says:

    Now Trump can’t blame the “dishonest media” for reporting apparent “fake news.” Newspapers around the world are laughing at him for talking about an apparent terror incident in Sweden that never took place. Just google lastnightinsweden.

  5. Anita Clarke says:

    Ye old pussy grabber in theif

  6. jim spotswood says:

    What all of this has shown is that Republicans will choose Party over Nation every time. Trump-Jong-iL commits treason and Republicans just look the other way.

  7. Don The Con says:

    Down with America. God bless Mother Russia.

  8. Rob G says:

    Trump and his cabinet need to be investigated. Call your members of Congress and demand they investigate Trump’s ties to Russia and demand to see his taxes. Trump is a traitor.

  9. Rob G says:

    Resistance works. Keep writing, emailing, calling, organizing, protesting and being engaged. http://www.IndivisibleGuide.com – guide to impeaching Trump!

  10. Marcus Osborn says:

    Samsung Galaxy 7s don’t explode. The notes do.

  11. Sun says:

    Mr. Showtime-Trump is all fake news. The depths of his cluelessness have been greatly underestimated.

  12. Nate Boyd says:

    So its okay to make fun of Russian culture like this but if they did it with Muslim culture…? Hmmm. Racism has preference in America.

  13. chetkayeable says:

    Putin made hillary not campaign in Wisconsin, that’s some jedi mind-trick…..

  14. Yon ce says:

    Omg she is so funny ????
    A little bit of Monica on the roof ???

  15. Nirali Cooks says:

    oh my god that girl’s voice. annoying.

  16. rick payne says:

    Ahh come on, it was big foot! Holds about the same chances of probabilities,lol

  17. samdroidva says:

    It was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that was recalled. Not all galaxys.

  18. xerakis says:

    Ha, left- wing media pushing fake news…. hilarious.

  19. Alan Sanchez says:

    Everybody lets pray for Sweden!!!
    Oh wait false alarm, I got misinformed by our president via twitter.

  20. Destiny says:

    “Maybe if we keep repeating that Russia hacked the election , it will turn out to be true!”

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