Weezer – Do You Wanna Get High?

Weezer – Do You Wanna Get High?

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Luty says:

    Oh damn… I’m getting that feeling I got the first time I listened to
    pinkerton. Welcome back for real.

  2. Paul Priester says:

    Sweet Jesus God in heaven thank you

  3. Daniel Maslen says:

    Wait this came out in 2015? I thought it was a Pinkerton b-side or
    something like that. Well that explains why the vocals are a bit off.

  4. Lorenzo Salazar says:

    thank god for girls was good, but this… never stop weezer

  5. Carlo Husmillo says:

    some resemblance to Pink triangle in one of those guitar solo

  6. thatguy says:

    best thing about weezer is the feel good vibe you get from almost all their
    songs…best band ever imo

  7. Dick Pepperfield says:

    Don’t forget to bring a towel!

  8. TheLoserOf08 says:

    Hey this isn’t bad at all. Good job, Rivers

  9. Matt Mattson says:


  10. Daniel Maslen says:

    Barely a day old and and listening to this song on repeat. Best thing since

    Just to clarify I enjoyed Maladroit and EWBAITE more than Green, but less
    than Blue and Pinkerton (it’s hard to top the best man, even if your song
    is this good)

    Damn the songs already over! Time to hit that repeat button and forget the
    Hurley quality Thank God for Girls.

  11. MrGUYWITHFACE says:

    Aww anything weezer does just attracts hate where is the just general
    support for what they’re trying to do come on guys :[

  12. Daniel Glaser says:

    This has already joined Tragic Girl and Say It Ain’t So as one of my
    favorite tracks. I’m going to buy this on iTunes and put it at the end of
    my digital copy of Pinkerton special edition. Also, if they put out a 7″ I
    will buy it just to keep it with my Pinkerton 4 record set.

  13. Brayden Fletcher says:

    At the very start of the track, is that Rivers saying good to be back

  14. danastyboi says:

    really like this

  15. ilove bacon says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes nothing but yes

  16. Olivia Sarver says:

    This is definitely the classic Weezer I was hoping for. I’m kind of on the
    fence about it. I kind of like it, kind of don’t. I just think Rivers is
    trying too hard to change the sound for every album and they should just
    stick to what they did on the red, green and blue albums, Pinkerton, and
    EWBAITE. Those were all the best albums, in my opinion.

  17. Don Beck says:

    Weedzer xD

  18. Katie Maloney (pizzaskankkatie) says:

    Love the new singles ao far!!!! Sounds like old weezer ?

  19. marleen van houts says:

    I actually came here because Gerard Way told me to BUT THIS MUSIC SOUNDS

  20. Blake Butler says:

    Does anyone wanna get high?