Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?

Weight Loss Pills: Fact Or Fiction?

Enjoy your bacon sandwich, while we walk you through the facts and fictions of what science can — and maybe someday, will — do to help people lose weight safely.

Caffeine: https://youtu.be/Xl1XBJLfIDU
Circadian Rhythm: https://youtu.be/UbQ0RxQu2gM

Hosted by: Hank Green
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19 Responses

  1. St0RM33 says:

    Clen, Dmaa, EC/ECA (ephedrine) etc..effective but dangerous for most
    people. The thing is that you absolutely don’t need any of this, if you
    have a strong will. And fuck weight loss, excess fat loss yes, not weight
    loss. It makes me mad everytime i hear this. Want weight loss? Want to
    become weak as shit? Then go and leave in Ethiopia for fucks sake.

  2. neeneko says:

    It would be nice if science got us out of the mess it got us into. Though
    personally I am still hoping for brain hacking ^_^

  3. Daniel Jackson says:

    Sugar in tea? in green tea?… sacrilege

  4. Ken O says:

    How about a breakdown (and perhaps an algebraic-like formula) of what’s
    involved with weight, fat, muscle, alertness, and health protection/risk –
    loss and gain. We should all know that counting CALORIES alone is only
    looking at ONE of a few (or of many) FACTORs in the equation.

  5. Connor O'Brien says:

    darn, we have to WORK to stay healthy?

  6. Subclavia says:

    How about living in colder environments and eating more foods containing
    capsaicin to boost your fatburning, while eating foods rich in arginine
    will help you build brown fat tissue (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23075933).

  7. Luis Viera says:

    Do ways to loose weight that actually work 🙂
    I love scishow

  8. IvaNiftyChannel says:

    At least there are still hot single in my areas who want to date me.

  9. Deviney Rose says:

    When the add on the side of the video is the ONE RULE OF A FLAT STOMACH!

  10. scarfacelu1 says:

    Get off your fat ass and exercise simple!

  11. IZaaK Regier says:

    When you’re sitting on a couch eating chips

  12. William Bradey (Test) says:

    Or you can go for a walk. Just a thought.

  13. Gordon Petten says:

    Here’s what you can do, when you feel hungry, sleep. Do this for a day or
    two, then eat a bag of chips, then rinse and repeat. In a few months,
    you’ll weigh 120 pounds and have problems standing upright without shaky
    legs, but damn, my hourglass figure ;P

  14. Beutimus says:

    I wasn’t eating a bacon sandwich, but I was having a taco salad when I was
    watching this. haha

    I’d probably stay away from those fat blocker meds. Those don’t sound like

  15. Mistergamer9892 says:

    If brown fat burns white fat into heat, why not just stand in a cold place
    for a few hours?

  16. Radu Murzea says:

    Why didn’t you mention THE MOST POPULAR “weight loss” pills ? I’m talking
    of course about the ones that are basically a diuretic.

    I think these are the cheapest to produce and easiest to sell (to stupid
    people), and it’s probably a multi-million dollar business.

    Basically what they do is they make you pie. A lot. A lot lot lot. And,
    since the body is basically 70 % water or something like that, you lose
    weight. Maaagic. Except they tend to cause heart damage and you’ll gain
    that weight back (obviously) when you get super thirsty and drink a lot of
    water to replace what you just peed.

    So not only don’t they work, they’re actually harmful, more harmful than
    eating 10 pizzas.

    For God’s sake… if you wanna lose weight, STOP eating like a pig and go
    to a gym. It’s relatively cheap, it’s fun and you feel amazing when doing

  17. Future Perfect says:

    Actually, I heard of this new pill called Adipose. Tried it and the fat
    just walked away…

  18. Jenaya Hooks says:

    Yes!! Preach!!! Green Tea is my pre and post workout. Im posting this video

  19. wolfiecommander says:

    I understand the whole “watch out for minor infections” thing concerning
    the immunosupressant drugs, but how exactly is giving them to people a bad
    idea? From what I understand, the majority of people who suffer from
    autoimmune disorders (including myself) and cancers are on
    immunosupressants. If the patient is closely monitored during the time that
    they will be taking the drug, what’s the downside? Yeah they’ll get sick a
    lot easier, but I feel the risk would be worth the reward. Just don’t give
    the drug to people with an already compromised immune system. We already do
    that with biologics.