“Weird Al” Yankovic Goes Beyond Insanity While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

“Weird Al” Yankovic Goes Beyond Insanity While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

“Weird Al” Yankovic is the king of parody songs, with a multi-decade career that includes four Grammys, countless Top 40 hits, and a long list of live shows, including 2019’s Strings Attached Tour. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the “White & Nerdy” icon takes on the vegan wings of death in a very special Hot Ones season finale. As the Scovilles mount, Weird Al shares classic anecdotes about meeting Sir Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson, getting co-signed by Kurt Cobain, and inventing the infamous Twinkie wiener sandwich.

Special thanks to Mr. Yankovic’s groomer, Sean James!


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61 Responses

  1. First We Feast says:

    THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER AMAZING SEASON, SPICE LORDS! Stay tuned for a fan Q&A and BRAND NEW episode of Truth or Dab to close out the year, and a VERY special Season 8 opener coming your way in January. Happy holidays!

  2. Foofan48 says:

    What’s with these people and their baby bird bites!?

  3. bowhunter2439 says:

    Too chicken to take a bite , he eats like a bird …!!!

  4. JD Williams says:

    I think Al only sniffed that second to the last wing.

  5. snapfly7 says:

    With those bites, Al shouldn’t be exempt from the hall of shame. I know there arent any “rules”, but I’d let your guests know that the viewers will decide if they end up in the hall of shame or not. Then maybe those like Weird Al will step their game up 🙂

  6. Ben Aaron says:

    EAT IT! eat it,
    EAT IT! eat it,
    Bite down on the wing and clean it!

    • Dizz Lexic says:

      Show them who’s spicy,
      Take a big bite,
      It won’t matter …. once you take a big shite ….

      So just eat it .. eat it … eat it

    • Mick says:

      Ben, you my friend have just won the internet for 2018. *When you come for the king, you best not miss*

  7. Gin Ichimaru says:

    I need to see joe rogan on this

  8. Aaronautics says:

    This is actually just a parody of Squidward biting his first krabby patty.

  9. Jasmine Velasquez says:

    This man is a national treasure

  10. Queen Kayla says:

    Wing nibbler. ? They’re the worst kind of person.

  11. Nolan Anderson says:

    i just wanna know how he chewed for that long after taking that little of a bite…

  12. Dale H. says:

    Huge fan from the start, but the show is losing it for me because it seems now they don’t even risk anything or/and taste it, I mean come on, you know the game, man up or don’t come on the show. So disappointed with Goldblum, and I love the guy, but so disappointing. They need to quit having these pansy celebs on. Before too long they will just have to read the label and move on, for the win.

    • Ian Sullens-Bruner says:

      I mean, it’s not for bragging rights. Besides, Goldblum said it himself that he was under orders not to have much, if any, spicy food to protect his vocals by his doctor.

    • Eduardo Fernandes says:

      Didn’t you watch the last episode with Bill Burr? He cleaned all the wings.

    • Psuedo Science says:

      It’s not a hot wing show it’s an interview show. A guest who opens up from the start doesn’t need the wings really.

  13. N G says:

    Comments section bringing justice to those that don’t take full bites. This needs to be addressed by the host next season.

  14. gameprojay says:

    call this man “baby bite” Al….

  15. WAY AWAY says:

    I get irrationally upset when guests just nibble. Just eat it!

  16. VonHousin says:

    17:00 You can see the whole piece that he bit off fly out of his mouth

  17. EternalCreator says:

    This might be a channel record for smallest bites by a guest

  18. stuart cole says:

    If you added up the microscopic nibbles it wouldn’t add up to a quarter of one wing. They should get him back and make him do it properly.

  19. Alexander says:

    Is he parody eating?

  20. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    He’s barely nibbling them. Yo Weird Al …”Just Eat It!”

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