Welcome Pup 681!

Shedd’s newest resident is an orphaned southern sea otter pup. Watch as she arrives at Shedd and gets to know her new family!

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20 Responses

  1. Alfie Anders says:

    Wow! So cute! That’s the second Sea Otter pup in less than three years,
    isn’t it? Where was she found?

  2. shawoo says:

    insanely cute!

  3. Linsey H says:

    daily dose of ridiculously cute. Baby Sea Otter!

  4. zincink says:

    dies of cuteness

  5. mcpeewee68 says:

    I want her!!!!! So cute

  6. Mali Locke says:

    this is the cutest baby i have ever seen. i love sea otters in general but
    this precious little girl is something special. thank you for loving her
    and taking care of her. 

  7. fiercepetrova says:


  8. Tsai-Ann Hernandez says:

    Oh my gosh. It is too precious :)

  9. Brian Chang says:


  10. Nicky K.D Chaleunphone says:

    That is so otterly cute

  11. ThoughtfulThug says:

    I would love to skin the fucker, take the fur and make me a nice hat.

  12. skarrface91 says:

    If you aren’t watching this you otter be!

    I’ll just show myself out.

  13. Pomelo Lin says:

    水獺超口愛的 (已融化

  14. Joe Higashi says:

    Cuuute :S

  15. Festus kioko says:

    Ken wamalia

  16. Brittany Kohl says:

    She’s so cute and fluffy! 

  17. Becca Canote says:


  18. Collin Perkins says:

    I am a man and I love my manly things. But I say screw that stereotype!
    That is SOOOOOO CUTE I want one!

  19. Joyce Ng says:

    aw~ how cute!

  20. Eric Thiberge says:

    Il est trop mignon ce bébé otarie !