Wendy Williams Talks New Season & “Real Housewives” Rumors | The Veiw

Wendy Williams Talks New Season & “Real Housewives” Rumors | The Veiw

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44 Responses

  1. Gernita Brutus says:

    Wendy? looking gorgeous Aunty!! Can’t wait for September 16!

  2. You Tried It! says:

    2:30 awkward coz whoopi gets dragged in that book

  3. Jose Uribe says:

    I love how shady she is ?

  4. Charly Mex says:

    I love Wendy on the View!

  5. Rick Jay says:

    She look good. Unlike before she just looked like she had issues.

  6. Karen From Finasse says:

    Imagine the View asking Judge Judy the same line of questions. Can you imagine?

  7. Viewholics Anonymous says:

    Meghan can identify with those real housewives. Wealth, dependence and having gossip be the biggest care you have. Just leave the view and join them already!

  8. Sabine Schwarzkopf says:

    I’m glad Joy put Meg’s narcissism in check and asked for receipts! This woman-child has to make everything about her and that chip on her shoulder!

  9. Chrissy Burgos says:

    Whoopi and joy was looking at mehgan like “trick stop lying” ???

  10. GOD'S CHILD says:

    Aunt Wendy Wendy Wentdy u were stick up just by the steer of Whoopi u couldn’t twist yourself out of any question if only they knew how to ask

  11. ash says:

    Abby looks really good post-partum.

  12. tina baker says:

    Imagine wendy one of the view’s co-hosts… I’d love that

  13. Doris Coleman says:

    I am glad someone told Whoopi to her face. She looking at people like she Crazy. She does that.

  14. musicguy713 says:

    Whoopi and Joy were not having it with Meghan ? they both were like girl bye!

  15. miles says:

    Meghan shading Jedediah while inadvertently shading her best friend Abby lol

  16. A.J. Smith says:

    That’d be the first season of the Bachelorette that I’d consider watching.

  17. I Don't says:

    Congrats Wendy Williams on your Hollywood Star ⭐?????? so excited for you!

  18. EmmanuelPierrePortraits says:

    Every time Wendy comes on the view, she takes over the table
    The woman commands attention. She knows her power and i Love it

  19. Agyabeng Osei Addo says:

    Does it always have to be about Meghan? ‘me’ ‘my husband’ ‘my dad’. Smh!

  20. noneya123 says:

    It’s not that Meg is hard, it’s that she’s a lying stubborn trust fund baby that doesn’t know squat.

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