we’re pregnant

we’re pregnant

We’ve spoken about this topic on our podcast but a lot of people seem confused so we thought we’d make an announcement video here to clarify that we are indeed pregnant with little baby fupachino.


And So It Begins by Artificial.Music

H3H3 Jazz Cover

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60 Responses

  1. Soviet Re4per says:

    Damn who would’ve thought that Ethan would be the emotional one with the hormones running rampant!

  2. DominicDeAngelis says:

    Congrats Ethan & Hila !! Yall are gonna be awesome parents.

  3. Railkiller12 says:

    I can already hear the dad jokes coming

  4. Cool Surprisez says:

    *ethans pregnancy is sponsored by pepsi*

  5. Joshua says:

    I wonder if the baby vapes

  6. Metal Dragoon says:


  7. 2_Taperino says:

    i wonder what the kid is gonna think of these videos with ethan’s description on how the baby was made XD

  8. erth werm says:

    Birth better be live on a podcast

  9. Victoria Latronica says:

    Ethan lost his virginity and is pregaganant?

    *what a monumental moment*

  10. I Dont Hate 76 says:

    Ethan has been pregnant for years

  11. 2Pac says:

    Ladies and Gentleman…
    The Jew is in the oven….
    We Got em…

  12. CreepRoot says:

    plot twist: ethan is also pregnant

  13. Mrbeast says:

    Title says we’re pregnant
    That means they are both pregnant 😉

  14. Gabe Rishworth says:

    For some reason I still believe Ethan is a virgin

  15. Pinochet says:

    Ethan’s Pregnancy is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club

  16. VibezzTv says:

    If the baby isnt named Hugh Mungus Klein then ima riot

  17. sadface says:

    In his own weird & funny way, Ethan truly loves Hila and he really makes an effort to tell her that.

  18. Monika K. says:

    I want someone to talk about me the way Ethan talks about Hila, he’s just so amazed

  19. ASMRShortbread says:

    This video just made me smile for some reason.

  20. HeatleyBros - Royalty Free Music says:


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