“We’ve All Been There” Clip | Marvel Studios’ WandaVision | Disney+

“We’ve All Been There” Clip | Marvel Studios’ WandaVision | Disney+

Rest your eyes on this brand new clip from the seventh episode of Marvel Studios’ “WandaVision,” streaming tomorrow on Disney+: https://bit.ly/2XyBSIW

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85 Responses

  1. Tech says:

    I love how’s she’s trying to justify trapping people in a TV show for her own good and then realizes how depressing that actually is 😂

  2. Gonzalo Chirinos Prada says:

    “Intentionally expanding the borders of the false world we created” Relatable af

  3. space cats says:

    “A whole day alone, with just me. That’ll show me.”

    • Tobi Odeyemi says:

      @Phil Corrigan Classic Claire Dunphy.

    • Monellian Sanredjo says:

      Sounds like heaven

    • KJ says:

      I think isolating herself from her family is the biggest punishment she can give herself. If you think about it the whole reason she created her own reality is because she was alone and Wandas biggest fear is to be alone. Even when she was an orphan and getting experimented on she always had Pietro and then when he died (at least the Avengers version of him) she had Vision to help keep her grounded and make her feel less alone. When vision died, she was completely alone for the first time in her life. The loneliness and grief was too much for her so she stole visions body too bring him back so she wouldn’t be alone anymore. My guess is that because bringing someone (even a whatever Vision is) back to life had to have taken its toll on her and her control over her powers it had to have been an exhausting process and because she was still grieving for her friends that died, her brother, her parents and anyone she ever cared about her powers subconsciously created a whole reality of her own to help her heal in her own way by giving her people to keep her company and a script to follow since she was so lost hence the sitcom reality. At first she wasn’t aware that this was her creation she just followed a script like everyone else. When she became aware of her reality, she took control consciously of the scripts and maintaining the reality because she was starting to feel more like herself. She didn’t want to give it up in case in doing so she lost Vision again. In her mind this is her reality, this is her home. As she started to become comfortable she started her own family. I think that last episode, Vision trying to escape, and the fact that she no longer has control over him and the kids she sees that as carelessness. So she’s isolating herself from her family because she knows that loosing them again is her greatest fear. Thank you for coming for my Ted talk.

    • Jennifer Storm says:

      @KJ She didn’t just lose Vision, either. She also lost some of the other Avengers who might have helped her get through it: Captain America went to live in the past and Black Widow died. She got snapped back into a world without her support system.

    • This Vixen says:

      @Jennifer Storm where is daddy haek eye? 😭😭

  4. The Canadian Lad says:

    If WandaVision is this crazy, I can only imagine what they’re gonna do with Multiverse of Madness!

  5. Spider59er says:

    See, I’m a sucker for meta-commentary
    But I firmly believe that the writing at Marvel has finally gotten better, based on what they’ve done with the characters here

  6. Rahul Bharvad says:

    Comment section :
    Same dialogue that we already Heard In clip

  7. harbor09 says:

    Guys don’t worry, she’s just resting her eyes because of THE CHILDREN

  8. DancingShadows says:

    MoM is gonna be wack if she’s done this across universes… think about how many versions of WandaVision there could be-

    • leafyishereisdumbname aka ThanosetalgicMemeories says:

      yeah she’s a wack MoM.

    • Bas E. says:

      Idk if one would consider this spoilers, so stop reading if…. Wanda is some kind of ‘Nexus’ entity which means she is the same between all universes. Now i dont know if that means that there are uimitedlf this exact wanda, or that only 1 wanda exists. That does however give you some info about the question you asked 🙂

  9. zyiah tyler says:

    “i’m just resting my eyes,” if that isn’t my mother

  10. Ellie 《Insert Surname Here》 says:

    Billy: mom, I hear voices.
    Wanda: I’m leisure-ing.

  11. a piece of cheese says:

    dont you just hate it when you accidentally trap a whole town in a false reality and then realize how depressing that actually is

  12. Sim�n Tob�n Nore�a says:

    “letting our fear and anger get the best of us”
    Me: Yeah, totally
    “intentionally expanding the borders of the false world we created”
    … ok

  13. ggsooyoun says:

    It’s interesting that Wandas version of self punishment is to be alone for a full day. Emphasizes the idea that she did all this cause she was lonely. Really lonely🥺

  14. Cailyn Lauer says:

    wanda is a whole mood.

    “not sleeping, just resting my eyes.”

  15. Calob Urquidi says:

    “Mommy not sleeping honey, she’s, just resting her eyes.”
    Me: **PTSD**

  16. Md Saif says:

    The worst part of WandaVision Episodes is that they end

  17. The Haves and the Have Nots Review says:

    One wonders where Vision is…

  18. Miley Cyrus Fans says:

    Confirmed: Wanda is my favorite character in the MCU 😂💖

  19. GenerationWest says:

    Wanda: (waking up in her halloween costume being exhausted)
    Me: That’s Hot.

  20. Digo do Rélo says:

    Asa de galinha, pena de carneiro, quem curtir aqui. Amanhã vai achar dinheiro 💰

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