What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259! (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap

What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259! (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap

Hey MMA fans, for today’s we will be covering And for today’s video, we will be covering What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259!? (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap! The video includes Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz, Amanda Nunes Vs Megan Anderson, Petr Yan Vs Aljamain Sterling, and many more! If you enjoyed the video make sure to drop a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! Also, don’t forget to hit that NOTIFICATION BELL to always stay tuned in for our new content! We hope you enjoy What ACTUALLY HAPPENED at UFC 259 (Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz) Full Fight + Highlights Recap!?

EXCRUCIATING Body Shots That RUPTURED Livers… below:


MMA Fighters That KNOCKED THEMSELVES Out… below:

Israel Adesanya Vs Jan Blachowicz, Jan Blachowicz Vs Israel Adesanya, Amanda Nunes Vs Megan Anderson, Megan Anderson Vs Amanda Nunes, Petr Yan Vs Aljamain Sterling, Aljamain Sterling Vs Petr Yan, UFC 259

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36 Responses

  1. Ameen Moolla says:

    How was the fight :

    Blachowicz : izzy

  2. Tajemnica Tajemnicy says:

    Brawo Janeek!

  3. SPAÑIARD P.R says:

    Finally some Good morning news;)

  4. Tim Rose says:

    Papa Nunez is going to have to start fighting the men in division…

  5. Lone2011Wolf says:

    Not gonna lie, the old fight clips with the new highlights is annoying AF

  6. a says:

    I don’t know, your title suggested you had some insightful to say. This was not the case. Now know for next time.

  7. Jan Novak says:

    👊🏻SLAVIC POWER! 🇸🇰🤝🏻🇵🇱

  8. Wild Bill says:

    This puts to bed any Jon Jones talk in the near future. He just doesn’t have enough size or strength to contend with the LHW crowd atm…cause let’s face it there are guys who can beat Jan and thats not a knock on him but he’s been beat badly before and just recently like within the past couple years

    • Nano Tolliver says:


    • Maniyea Tualatamalelagi says:

      Jan is the champ for a reason jones would get knocked out by jan dont get it twisted he barely made it out reyes decision isarel did really good for moving up in weight imagine if he put on a little more weight

    • A P says:

      seems like you’re making excuses. Jan avenged his losses apart from Gustaffson and Thiago Santos. I’m sure Jan will avenge those fights as well.
      clearly, he’s not the same MMA fighter he was before.
      it’s like saying when Adesanya lost to Alex Perrerira he was the same fighter he is today. clearly Jan made tweaks and adjustments and they have been working out.

    • chuunibyou says:

      @Maniyea Tualatamalelagi ye, but then he wouldn’t be that fast with few more kg :p

    • Juju Bean says:

      @Maniyea Tualatamalelagi haha

  9. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    “survived the onslaught” delusional bs…

  10. chuga , says:

    Got to give it to my boy he has a chin idk why he was standing right infront of him when he is good on evading

  11. Red Pill For Real says:

    Dude Jan was nailing Izzy him with big shots on feet too

  12. kcbob says:

    The commentating and promos were so bias and one sided I’m surprised they haven’t tried to blame Russia.

  13. oscardriver says:

    Wait, there’s a confusion here, there’s not such a thing as this bs name

  14. Nick Palumbo says:

    Anything less than Jones is a waste. Jones will submit this guy in 2 rounds

  15. Keith Cunningham says:

    Izzy wasn’t the sharper striker in rd 1 to 3! He was clearly being out struck as the stats show. It was 2-1 going into the 4th.

  16. Samuel Sengul says:

    Love how bigmouth style bender is Dethrone nicely thrash..

  17. Alexi Tselentis says:

    Jan Polish Power fought as perfect as can be with super pressure from a super dangerous opponent .. Jan has a very high boxing IQ good defense, good offense he’s a real champ bravo Jan 💯👌🥇

  18. Michael Coonts says:

    Jon Jones would kill Izzy of that’s how he looks at 205

  19. Timur Usmanov says:

    did Sterling get her Oscar? what an amazing actress. she was sobbing so naturally

  20. Regie N says:

    How was the fight? Jan: It was Izzy

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