What Do You Mean? (Acoustic)

What Do You Mean? (Acoustic)

thank u my beliebers. this is for u
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iWDYM
Spotify: http://smarturl.it/sWDYM

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20 Responses

  1. Bianca Dutra says:

    acoustic version of a new song with the incredible dan playing the guitar
    right by your side. oh, justin, it feels just like the old times. ❤

  2. Pan Sounds says:

    This is dope Justin, glad you’re coming back to the music.

  3. Sabrina Gutierrez says:

    this made me so happy ily justin

  4. Just Ifah2 says:

    YES! Kidrauhl is back!❤️❤️

  5. Juan Pablo says:


  6. MAURI ZULETA says:

    lo ve you Justin Bieber

  7. Darija Skrobica says:

    he is so happy because he is doing what he loves again
    like old days !!?????✌✌

  8. Micaela Dominguez says:

    Es un ángel

  9. Norma Silva says:

    Te amo

  10. Sam Ma says:

    Sounds better then the Radio Edit

  11. Naomi Pokima says:

    Ok. I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to put this on repeat and play it about
    143475939 more times in a row nonstop because MY EARS AND EYES HAVE BEEN SO
    BLESSED. I am beyond humbled he’s finally getting back to the music. Yeah!
    Go Justin! :)

  12. Selina T. says:


  13. Khushbu Singh says:

    love u love u bieber u made my day. u deserve love. best idol. belieber

  14. TasteofToddlum says:

    HES SO FUCKING GOOD DUDE. AHAHAHA IM SO PUMPED. I gotta cover this song. I
    need to. I waited for the acoustic version and HERE THE FUCK IT IS????

  15. Linkan Letlora says:

    so.. is Rory Kramer the new Alfredo? Just wondering though. I like them

  16. Bárbara Miranda says:

    sempre lacrando

  17. Lautaro Cruz says:

    ame esta version

  18. nº 1 dreamer says:


  19. Brenda Bernardis says:

    Oh MY GOD Your voice is like that of an angel, is so relaxing, you have a
    huge talent. TE AMO ???

  20. Veronika Šebestová says:

    We will be here forever for you