What does a $3000 Japanese Hotel Room look like?

What does a $3000 Japanese Hotel Room look like?

Japanese hotel rooms are usually tragically small. This one certainly isn’t.
Locations visited listed below!

Sendai Royal Park Hotel (including Cycle tour and Glamping)

Paragliding & Water Jump Spot: https://goo.gl/maps/9drjLiQV6mH2
Paragliding Reservation (Japanese): http://www.asoview.com/company/3000001447/

WaterJump Reservation (Japanese): http://www.asoview.com/company/3000007637/

Spring Valley Zip Line:

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20 Responses

  1. Abroad in Japan says:

    “Sit back, relax, and kill yourself”
    – Ryotaro

  2. Abroad in Japan says:

    And HOW MANY CHAIRS HAVE YOU GOT?! (I have four)

  3. Swishy Fishy says:

    My dad beats me, but i kinda like it

  4. looks-like-kristoff says:

    Mate u got half million subs

  5. LIGHT x45 says:

    Why doesnt this channel get more recognition!!

  6. Lazy Ryu says:

    I want Ryotaro to host my wedding, Natsuki as my best man, and Chris as the cynical priest.

  7. Roman says:

    Chris, I know this wouldn’t occur to you but what did the hotel room smell like was it old people smell or nothing

  8. ElChapo Junior says:

    Ummmm, weren’t you just telling us how to travel Japan on a budget

  9. GameXPer says:

    I am going to travel in China during one year. Should I start vlogging and create a channel? Will it be interesting for anyone?

  10. RubberBubbleWrap says:

    Great video, but I feel the title undersells the content of the video, and that probably won’t help give you the extra views to help you get a ridiculously expensive hotel room.

  11. Epic Cohii says:

    My theory is that Ryoturo was a hired hit man but his Japanese morals prevent him from directly killing Chris and betraying him so he keeps trying to indirectly cause his death but hasn’t succeeded so far

  12. k says:

    can you tell us what equipment you used for recording/vlogging ?

  13. SenorKoquonfaes says:

    “Japanese Guy Who Sounds British”

    Are you out of accent jokes finally? Keep up the good work, Chris!

  14. Arif Gunawan says:

    I have one Chair right now in my room

  15. Eric Song says:

    Dank jawline abroad, dank

  16. ZenkaiSlip says:

    **Chris is potential injured or killed**

    **Ryotaro’s Mutley laugh ensues**


    Why are ryoturo and natsuki never in the same video?

  18. Justin Walker says:

    That puma fake T-Shirt named Uma (means horse) is quite nice 😀

  19. Somedude says:

    I’ve got more chairs than rooms in my house. What does that mean?

  20. ipasuhd says:

    6:00 germany has this kind of shops too. but mostly only potatoes.

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