Is Rhett more of a schnauzer or a shepherd? What about Link? Today they find out what kind of dog they’re most like! GMMore #1364

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56 Responses

  1. Barkingdog says:

    Hot dogs aren’t sandwiches

  2. Techno Arafat says:


  3. SilentWraith Games says:

    I love the shirt Link is wearing I think…

  4. Party Flamingo says:

    Is Liz short for Pam!?

  5. Surrendered Sunflower says:

    Tried to hurry but had to watch good mythical morning first

  6. ladyluneth says:

    GMM the only good part about my early mornings 😂

  7. Thekra Omar says:

    Why does Alex have logan paul hair ? 😂

  8. Ashley Brewer says:

    Rhett and Link look like Barbara and Jade. That is just the truth.

  9. HereforRandL says:

    Oh c’mon the German Wirehaired Pointer looks totally like Rhett!

  10. Bysontyson says:

    my new puppy and i watch you guys together

  11. artofvoice says:

    Golden retriever was spot on. The others were dodgy. They were more correct with their guesses.

  12. I'm lost, please help. says:

    DAMN DAMYELL..t-shirt! Please excuse me while I do some shopping!

  13. GeoHikingJani says:

    Apparently I have the mood and the looks of a Golden Retriever 🐶

  14. Carp With Milk says:

    Next episode:

  15. 00WolfSpirit says:

    I would have so much rathered see their Moms on the More just chatting or just RandL sharing stories in relation to their moms and stuff. No offense to the crew but those Mythical Moms are the best, I’d love to just hear stories and watch them embarrass the heck outta you boys.

    • M Rayside says:

      That would be great, but the lie detector segment was filmed at a different time than the episode, so they couldn’t have gotten their mom’s onto the show. They COULDVE easily talked about them, tho.

  16. Katie Brassell says:

    I really wish they would just talk about the GMM episode in some of these Mores, especially with an episode like the Mom one. I’d rather hear Rhett and Link’s thoughts than these overkilled tests. Like, isn’t that what More was set up for?

  17. Kelly says:

    Well, it said I was a poodle every. single. time. I did 3 pictures. I’m mad

  18. SixRaven Eight says:

    Link is a wolf, Rhett is a bear, I know he likes Falcon and I can see it, but he’s bear.

  19. deprofundis says:

    “Well, it says strong muscular body on there…” -Alex, who proceeds to admire Link’s arms.

  20. vanessa says:

    My dog passed 3 days ago– everything I read and see now involves dogs 💔

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