What Even Matters Anymore – SNL

What Even Matters Anymore – SNL

Contestants (Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson) compete on What Even Matters Anymore, hosted by Veronica Elders (Jessica Chastain).


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77 Responses

  1. Brad Feng says:

    What Even Matters Anymore

  2. Miss Kitty Fantastico says:

    Satire becomes reality

    • Guts No Glory says:

      Life copying Art?

    • rick rose says:

      Miss Kitty Fantastico
      The problem, Miss Kitty, is that it was just reality and not satire. It’s all true, but it wasn’t particularly funny…or coherent, or well-written, or even ‘conceptual’. It was just a screed that any of us could have written and all of us know.
      Jessica is a wonderful actress, but this isn’t her métier. This whole show was weak, the skits not particularly tight. This is a problem when real life becomes more outrageous and absurd than any satire you can conceive.

    • Missyd 1974 says:

      Right? They can’t even make this shit up!

    • rick rose says:

      Missyd 1974
      “Why are we accepting refugees from all these shithole countries?” Obviously, no American president would even think that, much less say it. That was Alec Baldwin, right?

    • Renegade5130 says:

      Reality becomes satire

  3. BITCOIN KUSH says:


    • Ryan Merritt says:

      CasuallyObservant wow. You’re a crazy person. I’ll give you your space . . .

    • Missyd 1974 says:


    • Eric says:

      And in come the Trump supporters who have no defense so they just shout fake news or deflect.

    • Bionic Puma says:

      Ausdasis — You need to ‘educate yourself some more’ because SNOPES is peddling FAKE NEWS.
      “Of the $145 million allegedly contributed to the Clinton Foundation by Uranium One investors, the lion’s share — $131.3 million — came from a single donor, Frank Giustra, the company’s Canadian founder. But Giustra sold off his entire stake in the company in 2007, three years before the Russia deal and at least 18 months before Clinton became secretary of state. ”
      So SNOPES will have everyone believe that the founder of the uranium mining company whose former company benefited from Hillary’s decision just so happened to donate $131.3 million to the Clinton Foundation for NO REASON whatsoever that related to the same uranium mine he founded? Bullshit.

      That money donated by Giustra was absolutely in exchange for Hillary making that uranium deal happen. SNOPES will have everyone believe that a former uranium mining owner just so happened to give $131 million to the Clinton Foundation for no reason related to a huge foreign policy decision involving that same mine is patently absurd. Only a dumb person would believe what SNOPES is trying to peddle.

    • E Lee says:

      Liberals are lining up to point out things that somebody said.
      Yet defend a dude, Barack Obama, who did more horrible shit than Bush.
      Because he was “good at giving speeches.”
      But you guys are “more intelligent…” WTF…

  4. N Clark says:

    this is gonna catch so much heat but it’s so accurate

  5. Cyrillic says:

    Doesn’t look like anything to me.

  6. David Lopez says:

    Be mad , it’s true

  7. BITCOIN KUSH says:

    “Little Ball” should sponsor my existence

  8. noseless Frank Handerson says:


  9. kanita memic says:

    He’s a Family Man!

  10. CaptainHappen says:

    The Presiden has also never been qualified to be President (he’s the only one President in history who’s never had any experience in government), but what does it matter anymore?

  11. CaptainHappen says:

    The President acts like a 12-year-old on Twitter, but what does it matter anymore?

    • Rachel El says:

      Sorry, but his Twitter feed paints him as an idiot. His live speeches paint him as an idiot. His response to answers and his own quotes paint him as an idiot.

    • Shon Hakanson says:

      Rachel El he has different opinions and posts them on twitter so he’s not immediately silenced. His twitter posts fuel debate, which sheds light on the issue.

    • CaptainHappen says:

      The President acts like an idiot. The media are just reporting on his behavior accurately. What else can you say when the President tweets ” Despite the constant negative press covfefe” or resorts to childish name-calling of his opponents, the examples of which are numerous.

    • MSG685 says:

      Please, he talked shit because Obama used a teleprompter (like that is something different(fucking moron)) and when it’s his turn he can’t even read the word in front of him. He read furniture when the word was future. He couldn’t even tell by the context of his statement what the proper word was. He wasn’t talking about moving or redecorating his kids room. When he is given something with more than a couple lines he cant even read it. He goes off script by the third line and ether starts repeating himself of complimenting himself. He cant even stay on topic. If you read his tweets you will notice random words capitalized. That is because he is using talk to text and he has to edit incorrect words. The edit is treated like a new sentence and the first word is automatically capitalized. Dummy doesn’t even realize it. He paints himself as an idiot every time he opens his mouth and the only people that don’t realize it are other idiots.

  12. CaptainHappen says:

    The President has no in-depth grasp of policy and lacks the intellectual curiosity to actually learn things, but what does it even matter anymore?

    • ccgod says:

      CaptainHappen and a community organizer has that in-depth knowledge….

    • Josh says:

      tptCJ did you see his speech at the pro life event? “Right now in some states, babies are being born from his/her mother’s womb in 9 months. It has to stop.” That’s a direct quote from the stable genius!

    • Gumboz1953 says:

      It turns out he did. Because if you’re smart, you can make it work. Trump’s problem is — no experience, and a fucking moron (thanks, Rex)

  13. TRD jojo says:

    Lmao. Like how they just started using each other’s real names.

  14. Erik Shaw says:

    This is the definition of “it’s funny cause it’s true”

    • rick rose says:

      Mac Daddy
      MD, you’re either freaking insane or a hopeless case of arrested development if you think this witless, illiterate sociopath has any idea of what a civil society is supposed to look like. As for your powers of prediction, I wish there were some way to take a bet through the YouTube comments. He may not make it through this term, but if he does, he certainly won’t have a second. Hell, he may not even get the Republican nomination in 2020.

      It was a Russian writer, Nikolai Chernyshevsky who wrote, “The worse, the better.” What’s cause for optimism is that this hapless narcissist is doing so much permanent damage to the Republican brand, that they may be excluded from power for years to come. Already, they control all three branches of government, and after only one year, it’s unfunded and shut down.

    • lovey dovey says:

      rick rose i’m looking forward to watching the next skit you write for snl.

    • rick rose says:

      lovey dovey
      Thanks, ld…uh, provided you weren’t being sarcastic.
      Have a pleasant Sunday.

    • CEOofFRESH1 says:

      “We came. We saw. He died. LOL!!”
      -Hillary Clinton in response to the assassination of Gadhafi, which subsequently lead to ISIS overrunning Libya.
      This is the definition of “it’s funny cause it’s true”

    • Kelly Corcam says:

      Actually this is the definition of “SNL is in need of skilled comedy writers”. This show never even generates a slight smirk

  15. Shuyu says:

    omg..its soo…true…that it hurts…

    • Vivek Jain says:

      But SNL here is just perpetuating confusion about politics, power, and change. The fact is that Americans have been lied to for years. The kind of “change” that we “the 99%” need will never come “from the top”, meaning, it won’t come from Presidents or Congress or the SCOTUS. It’s only social movements and class struggle “from below” that can bring about any improvement in the living and working conditions for ordinary people. It is BECAUSE Americans lack this historical perspective, and because they have been brainwashed to think that good things can come by voting, that they are so vulnerable to despair right now in a time of undisguised fascism.

  16. Patrick Hogan says:


  17. Eric Woodard says:

    If oral b tries to get me to watch one more 30 second unskippable ad, I will find them, and I will kill them.

  18. Simon James says:

    It’s sad that all of this is true but this skit was funny. Jessica played her role really well.

    • RW Sports Debate - Subscribe Now! says:

      Emily Baker – Stating that some countries are not that good is not racist. Now it isnt nice but it isnt racist and the people that voted for Trump like myself knew Trump would say something that people dont like but he still was more likely to do what we want than a liberal. Videos like this is why liberal have lost so much trust with the rest of us. You are disrespectful about the fact that we simply dont agree with your way of thinking and instead of making an actual point you just make fake reasons or just become rude.

    • Roger Gillion says:

      +RW Sports Debate Your comment is sadly funny to me. You say that you didn’t vote for Trump because he was a saint but because he is more likely to do what you want. These allegations about Trump are nothing new as his entire adult professional life has been scandals and him ripping people off. So that being said what is the agenda that you aspire to? You choose a crook for a crooked agenda?

    • Emily Baker says:

      RW Sports Debate – Subscribe Now! I don’t care if you think my way or not. But let me guess you’re privileged and have never had to deal with racism – degrading other countries and people in them is the definition of racist and you cannot have someone that stands for everyone’s views being racist.

    • RW Sports Debate - Subscribe Now! says:

      Roger Gillion – We want conservative Judges that will protect religious freedom which we have gotten. You guys lost the ability to talk about the moral high ground after liberals started attacking the church. Those fines for rejecting to bake a cake for same sex couple that is what lost you the election. We dont care about Trump being a saint as long as he is willing to fight for our rights to be saints. Liberals were clear they were against us but Trump was for us so after you attack the church you trying to take the moral high ground means nothing to us.

  19. MythicTyrant says:

    That 4th wall XD

  20. ASMR Flutter says:

    This is the embodiment of laughing through your failing grades

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