What Happened to TKOR?

What Happened to TKOR?

Watch Closely, Change Is Coming.

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53 Responses

  1. Skylon The Dragon says:

    I am really confused but intrigued at the same time

  2. Harry Chant says:

    they probably realize they were kinda falling off so now they’re gonna do smtg big

    • sumduma55 says:

      Yhr something big will be “in today’s video, we will be testing ways to drive up views by adding suspense and drama”.

    • Jason Todrick says:

      by “falling off” do you mean “completely abandoning Grant’s legacy”?

    • Harry Chant says:

      @Jason Todrick that caused the fall off

    • ABEL says:

      @Dtr146 i doubt TKOR will ever change their name i mean it’s TKOR a part of our childhoods and early teens (depending on YOB) at this point.

      What i CAN say is they are indeed rebranding and be prepared it will be something BIG i can say that with complete and utter calmness but i think people will be very happy about this.

    • Diggy says:

      seems like an arg or something of the sort.

  3. Luke 2954 says:

    I miss the old experiments personally, what happened to taking apart microwave transformers to make spot welders and how you can make explosive gas from water

  4. Destiny Williams says:

    Whos else clicked this video so fast thinking this was one of those “we are taking a break” videos?

  5. Aquahands says:

    TKOR going dark mode, this is quite the turn of events.

    • fastwise6 says:

      TKAR I went through frame by frame as best as I could and its a name change aswell as logo change

    • Katie says:

      It might be the same but it will keep people wondering for a bit. (Can’t wait to see what happens)

    • WeChallenge says:

      I think the comment about it being both males and females presenting, therefore not just King would be reason to change the name, gotta keep down the haters who would cancel ’em.
      Or, the brand sold to new owners, etc. where Grants widow wanted the name to be changed in the deal, so as not to chance it being tarnished by new owners? I’ve seen things like this before as well. Maybe they just have writers block, and needed to feed the YouTube algorithm.

    • Katie says:

      That’s possible, I’ve never seen/heard that though.

    • Luise Fit says:

      help me

  6. thebishtable says:

    I just thought they were too busy trying to free Grace from the chair she was duct taped to…

  7. CCentral Channel says:

    TKOR a few years ago: Today we will make a laser assisted blow dart.

    TKOR now: today we are going to microwave playdoh

  8. Andiamo! says:

    Computer caught fire and Callie went on a happy frenzy!

  9. Reid Haynes says:

    I miss all of the old experiments in the workshop where they made a spot welders and made a lot of dangerous stuff

  10. broke_age says:

    GrandThomson you will never be forgotten The Legends of Randomness !!!😭his experience and knowledge still rocks in 2021

    • kurt lindner says:

      The Sugar + Stump Remover Rockets video has to be at 100,000,000 views by now; I think I’ll go give it another.

  11. Rudra says:

    i love there vids where id they go i want new vids

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