What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

What Happens If One Million People Actually Stormed Area 51?

If you happened to wander into the Nevada desert and stumbled upon the secret U.S. military base, Area 51, you’d quickly be arrested, killed, or maybe even abducted by aliens. But what if you happened to organize one million other people through social media to storm Area 51? They can’t stop us all right? Or can they? And if you did manage to get into the base, what would you see?

Transcript and sources: https://insh.world/science/what-if-one-million-people-actually-stormed-area-51/

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77 Responses

  1. What If says:

    The only way you probably get to see aliens is if they come to us: https://youtu.be/jpaHRQl6wG0

    • Becca A says:

      The truth is, are we ready to see extra terrestrials. How would we react? Would we want to gain knowledge from the species. If were unable to get along with eachother, what makes you think we would get along with another intelligent species.

    • Naomi Annamanthadoo says:

      • What if the earth rotated on a different angle/axis
      • What would happen if all the sea animals disappeared
      • What would happen if all the insects on earth disappeared
      • What would happen is a nuclear bomb exploded on earth
      • What would happen if earth didn’t have sunlight for 24 hours
      • What would happen if we were living in a simulation

    • demented gamer says:


    • Spaghetti Monster says:

      just for the record, i was going to binge watch your channel starting from the beginning but for some reason you have made that impossible with the way your channel is set up, why?

  2. Chicago galaxy says:

    this would be one of the most unforgettable moments in U.S. history

    • Infinite14 Red6 says:

      Why is our society becoming even more stupider each year

    • TheGolden Plan54 says:

      @Infinite14 Red6 you mean more stupid? More stupider is terrible grammar

    • Jam Mac says:

      Oh yea the guy made it as a joke. But little did he know not everyone is mentally stable.. i expect out of them 1.6 million + people who say they are going. Atleast 5 or 10 thousand will actually be there. And it wouldnt surprise me if it climbed into 6 digits..And the guy who made the page will be facing some charges if people try to storm the place.. Since hes basically the ringleader of the whole idea of doing it in the first place. I guarantee he is praying his ass off right now that noone shows. Or else hes probably stepped into a big pile of shit

    • RangersBeatz says:


    • O.K says:

      @Dark strider Lol you really think the dumbass that’s are actually going there gonna know what the hell they’re seeing ?”Wait guys STOP! I think this disk here contain particle cell that fight cancer off base on the way our cell can identify it and attack cancer from our body” ? nah, a bunch of idiots Naruto runners are going with their furry friends. No way in hell are they’re gonna discover shit even if they break in.

  3. MonsterMilika says:

    They cant stop us all right?

    Ohh, you mean The Great Nevada Massacre?

  4. Adit Mistry says:

    Don’t worry guys. I have the perfect defence.

    *Earth Style: Mud Wall*

  5. Mr. Freekeesuarus says:

    Why would the government pay you to say that? Lol. You can’t stop us.

  6. Muzaffer Ozen says:

    He’s a paid actor boys don’t listen to him, they can’t stop us ??

  7. Micah Shannon says:

    Who else wants to go just to see how many idiots actually show up?

    • Starfish Prime says:

      Including us just watching them..

    • Chris Anon says:

      But aren’t you an idiot as well for wanting to go see how many people show up?

    • Marcy Dufrene says:

      Micah Shannon If I didn’t have kiddos I’d totally make a road trip for it ?

    • Infinite14 Red6 says:

      @Chris Anon your right

    • jmarks881 says:

      @Promise EDEN they are going to shut down all the roads that lead any where near that place to any one but locals they cant have even 100k people in the desert in the middle of no where like that without any planing they need things like outhouses and water a way for emgerecy vehicles to get thought and I doubt they will be issuing a permit for people to mass so they can storm area 51 it would a health and environmental disaster

  8. vincent narvaez says:

    Aliens Relocated to area 52 .

    Best case scenario?
    A million less idiots wont get to reproduce .

    • Ian Randolph says:

      Suicidal people getting concussions from hoses.

    • Orane Appleby says:

      Why are they idiot’s though? Are you really okay with your government holding a known secret base from you for so many years?

    • jmarks881 says:

      @Orane Appleby lol there are lots of bases like that the govment doesn’t admit is there people who work there even though technically they dont just call the the site

    • Orane Appleby says:

      @jmarks881 I know that, but storming area 51 would be more symbolic..just to prove that we really aren’t okay with these things ?‍♂️

    • GassyGastly says:

      Wasn’t this just a meme…. are people really gonna do This?

  9. Jan Elij Vallejera says:

    Headline next week: ” Global Population reduced by 1 million”

  10. 10,000 subscribers without videos says:

    How I’m entering Area 51:car
    How I’m leaving:funeral casket

  11. Aidan Chappell says:

    Like to automatically distract all guards and get into Area 51

  12. ExcuseUmIHaveTrustIssues Sir says:

    Plottwist: Everyone at area 51 are aliens and they are experimenting on humans instead

  13. Mini Skitz says:

    At 1.1 million people were the worlds 4th biggest military. We’ll be ok

  14. Emmanuel Jameson says:

    What happens? Funeral homes are going to explode.

  15. Anime Unknown says:

    Just another video trying to keep people from finding the truth

    • grizzly dipper 32 says:

      Anime Unknown dude if there is some alien shit in there the government has already moved it and these retards are just going to die for nothing but natural selection is natural selection

    • Daisy Doodie says:

      grizzly dipper 32

      The joke —————————> ?

      Your head———————-> ?

  16. jane_ayy says:

    My mom said I can’t go because she doesn’t know the aliens parents ????

  17. Lonely Seal says:

    *Dont worry guys, Im stacked with ender pearls.*

  18. Kappy Kittie says:

    Plot-twist: he’s an actor paid to say all those things to prevent people from storming Area 51

    • Mary joy Gelizon says:

      The gov might habe actualy done this and paid alot of youtibers to say youll die if you storm 51

  19. TheGuess2D says:

    They’d relocate everything if there’s anything top secret. That’s all.

  20. Ryyi23 says:

    This guy doesn’t believe in the true power of Naruto running.

    • YoungGenerationGaming says:

      I love the fact that I saw this comment right when the Naruto running was happening on screen XD

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